The advert that I have drawn myself is set out in New York city and the picture was taken on a boat, and the picture is the city's buildings of New York City. I have deliberately used small people in the advert so I can emphasise the size of the buildings, and it makes the buildings very, very big when you have small people in the advert. The objects I have used are mostly the scenery of the New York City from the sea, and the objects are the buildings, I have used these objects to represent the city and the life in the city.

There are also boats in the bank and that suggests business and life again. The colour in the advert is just skylight and the sun rising up, I think the sun looks very good behind those buildings, and ads colour to the poster the other colours are blue- for the sea, blue/grey- for buildings windows. I have used blue colour for the buildings because more buildings in New York City have glass on them and when the sea reflects to it, it makes it look as if they are blue. The type of shot is a long show because I wanted all the buildings within the shot of the poster.

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The name of the film that I have advertised for is called 'Romeo Must Die 2' which is the continuing part from 'Romeo Must Die'. The layout of the advert is as follows: I have put the name of the film at the top left hand corner and I have put a big '2' at the back of the name of the film so it can show that its is a better film and it's the second version so its going to have much more action. I have New York City's scenery covering most of the page and I have the sun rising over the big buildings.

The name of the producing company is laid out at the bottom of the page, and I have the date of when the film would be in Cinemas. There isn't that much writing on it except from the people's names (star actors), name of the producing company and the date its going to be out. So just the basic things you would have on a poster. The size of the graphics are quite big, they are a good size to read away from about 5 meters. The ad is aimed at old people, when I mean old I mean over 18s because its going to have a 18+ certificate.

The person who will come and watch it will probably like action film and like martial arts because 'Romeo Must Die 2' has allot of these kinds of things when its going to be produced :). You would probably see my advert in Cinema magazines and maybe on TV when they show the preview of the film. The advert was made for 'Romeo Must Die 2' and also it was made for people to come and watch the film. The lifestyle that is suggested in m ad is a city lifestyle because I am representing the city by having buildings and using New York City as the scenery, and also the sun rising, means to me there is a new beginning to the Film.