The answer I selected was C, because solution that was proposed does not achieve the required results but does achieve one of the optional results. CAT 5 UTP cables being installed to the current networks will not satisfy the any of the results required or optional. The hub should be replaced by a switch which can support the speeds that some of the equipment can handle in this case is upwards of 100 mbps due to the adapter cards.

These are options that can be addressed as the company grows, and by installing the higher speed cards it limits the possible future costs of upgrading. Increasing the RAM may help to increase speeds, but purchasing additional servers would be more beneficial in the long term allowing room for growth. While the information provided does not state the amount of ram, additional servers would in fact speed up the network, free up traffic and allow for growth.

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The star topology is a great concept but with changing technology and the overall cost of upgrading, it is my suggestion that upgrading to CAT 6 cables be entertained as well in this upgrade. CAT 6 cables allow for bandwidth speeds of 250 MHz as opposed to CAT 5 only being able to reach speeds of 100 MHz. Upgrading to switches, along with the workstations adapter cards that are supportive of speeds upwards of 100 Mbps would support the bandwidth needs the company is striving for.