My least favorite relative is my aunt. When I lived in Burma I used to be good friends with my cousin. We used to hang out during the school time. I liked her but I didn’t like her mother. They are rich people and they discriminate against the poor people. In the beginning we liked each other very much until I went to her birthday party. After that I felt that I didn’t like her very much. She invited me to go to her birthday party and I went with my whole family.

When we walked close to her home she was looking at us through her living room window and she said, “Look! Look! The poor family and the thief children came to our home. ” I felt so much pain when I heard her mother’s words. I became very angry and I told my mom, “Mom..! I want to go home. ” My mom is very patient and has a good attitude all the time. She told me to be patient. After the party was over, my family and I went home with pain in our hearts but we tried to make each other happy and not to be sad.

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At the time I did not feel very much happiness so I didn’t want to be with my cousin too much after that. When I went back to school on Monday she asked me, “Did you have fun at my birthday party? ” and all I could say was “It was a nice party and I hope you had happy birthday” but I had to hide my feelings and control myself. I could not let bad words come out of my mouth that could hurt her because she was my cousin.