My greatest challenge would have to be going back to school to get a better education. I know that I need to go to college and get a degree in something that pays descent, so that I wouldn’t have to worry if I was going to have a job from one day to the next. So, I enrolled into the LPN classes at LBW. I have been going to school for two semesters now and everything is running smooth so far, but I have been told by so many people that it doesn’t get hard until the third or fourth semester.

So, I guess I will be alright until the third semester comes around. Then, I will be running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I know, by going back to school I will be able to support my family the way a husband and father should. I still have a long road ahead of me, but I know as long as I study hard, and do what I am told, their will be no problem finishing the program with flying colors.

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My family and friends are all proud of me and will help me along the way if I ever need them. As a father and husband, I believe that it is my duty to make sure that my daughter and wife have everything they will ever need in life. I know that going back to school is a big challenge for someone that has been out of school for a while but I know that if I try hard, I can come out on top. After I graduate from college and start my new job, my wife plans on going back to school also.

She doesn’t know what she will go back for but she knows that it will be something that pays descent. It makes me feel good knowing that my wife and I will both have a degree in something that pays descent and I know that with both of us bringing home some money we will be able to make it thru anything that might come along. With that being said, I think this is going to be the greatest challenge I have ever overcome in my whole life.