On any perspective that anyone would observe what I have gone through in the teacher to teacher relationship that I am having now, it has been quite though. There are a lot of pressures that overcomes me during this period. My protege might be always expecting the best from me that adds to the anxiety that I am handling or should I say I am trying to handle right now. But why should I complain? That is the reality of my situation isn’t it? Sometimes, there are some situations that it is much harder getting through the adversity of academic institutions.

Well, besides the difficulties that I am encountering, I am trying my very best towards the goal. What is happening right now between me and my protege is that I am trying to help her to get through. I provide her with tools to support her in her undertakings that for instance I provide her with support activities for her to be able to cope with her students, by observing her, by gathering instructional resources, and to supply team teaching to demonstrate effective teaching approaches.

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Although it seems that this is difficult, I still and definitely enjoy this undergoing, and also the relationship with my protege. But of course, my relationship with my protege might give her the motivation that can drive her to take on the challenges that comes through the process. And through my aide, she will be more comfortable enough when she takes her turn in the career she has chosen. It would definitely help her to reach success. There are lots of strengths that the particular relationship provides.

One is that it promotes a learning encompassed by all but pure good quality. I have been trying my best so that there would be a good relationship between me and my protege and I think it makes her to gain a lot. I am continually trying that our relationship would be like that we are just friends. I mean, I wanted that there will be a not so formal approach among us. For example, we meet outside the school so and have a little coffee and there to provide a social opportunity for her as a new teacher to lay the groundwork for an effective collegial relationship.

I wanted a different atmosphere. – a much more enjoyable one. The only weakness that I see in the relationship is that sometimes, she opposes what I am trying to tell or teach her that she insists her idea although I am there, her teacher. Also, sometimes, she commits mistakes. But I hope that those instances are not winding down her spirit that it even teaches her how to be more competitive. Just as what I have said earlier, the teacher to teacher relationship has provided her a lot of things or should I say benefits.

It had probably taught her a lot of things. It had shown her what to do if she will be all ready to do the same thing. Along the track of this undergoing, there is nothing much that I can say is not appreciable. There is nothing to regret. And in fact, I am enjoying a lot. What I wanted to change now is that my protege should be more cooperative with me. She is very hesitant on asking questions on what to do on this and that because probably she has that fear that I will think that she is not knowledgeable enough.

What I thought of doing to solve this is I will try to make her realize that everything between us should be fine, and nothing should be shy and afraid of. Well, this process, like what I have said is that it will do a lot for my protege. But also, along with that like her, I, myself, would also gain something from the experience. And in addition to this, I can now regard myself as a part of a new generation of teachers who is helping younger teachers to be more cared, nurtured, and be provided a successful rite of passage into the teaching profession.