Nowadays, Bangkok has many kind of museum which shows our Thai’s history and telling some story about Thai people from past to present. Museum Siam is one of Thai telling story museum where located in center part of Bangkok. This place come up with new concept and new style of museum, it’s not just show the old things and place on the rack with mirror and put some information nearby with the word “be careful to touch” but museum Siam has more attraction to catch up new generation visit there.

Thus, if I be there PR, I will focus on younger group of people who live in Bangkok and surrounding area then moving to another place where close to Bangkok. My target group: I focus on student who in grade between 5 to 12 and I will assign them by making contract directly with school to visit our museum as invitation. Let’s come up with my marketing strategy (4Ps) For Product : our museum has a lot of products available with variety kind of exhibitions and activities also provide for all visitors.

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When they come, they can enjoy with beauty theme of exhibition and doing workshop with make them more attractive and interesting in our museum and the knowledge will pass to their brain very easily. For Price : Firstly, I focus on Student who come to visit our museum with school as my main target thus, our price may lower than regular price which post on the ticket wall and I use “contract price” as price-discrimination (setting price differently for different group of people) For Place : I’ll use online channel to catch up my target group such as facebook or short vdo on youtube.

For Promotion : we offer more promotions which students can enjoy such as discount ticket price for student or buy 1 get 1 free and they can take another friends to come with you or we have some game provide on internet and if you can win my game you will get a code to visit our museum for free.