Good afternoon, my name Samir Mustavi, and I have come from the future to interview the great aristocrat of the once great Thornfield Hall, Mr Edward Fairfax Rochester. This man fought hard for love when he met his ward’s new governess, Jane Eyre, although having a few secrets of his own. Rochester attempted bigamy through attempting to marry Jane and leave his mentally deranged first wife, Bertha Mason at Thornfield.

After hearing of his deceit, she ran away from him suddenly and soon after, Bertha set fire to the great house before jumping off the roof and killing herself. But on the way to safety, Edward stumbled onto a great crash and became permanently blind with an amputated hand. Now, living with two servants in Ferndean, he requested that I come in to let him share his dreadful story to those around him.

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Here is Mr Rochester himself here to tell his long anticipated story of love…

Thank you Samir, it is a pleasure for someone to finally want to hear my side of my own story, oh how depressed I felt when I lost those who were important in my life. Now I am eager to tell you, and everyone around what really happened all this time ago…

So shall we begin this interview?

Yes sir, do go on.

OK then, so… Our audience would like to know how much you really loved your governess, Jane Eyre. So how did you feel with Jane Eyre by your side?

Well, words cannot describe how much I have grown to love Jane since she arrived at Thornfield. Although our first meeting was not a pleasant one, with Jane cursing me off my horse with a broken ankle, I have grown fond of her during her stay in Thornfield. In fact, so fond, I decided to live longer there to watch her teach Adele. One night, Jane saved me from a fire set in my bedroom by my deranged wife Bertha, and I owe her my life and I feel the need to stay with her forever. I knew she loved me back, I could see it within her, and so I disguised myself as a gypsy to test our love. In the end, I proposed to her, and I learnt that she was not into my money or status, but me. This is true love, and for that, I truly love her.

Wow, very touching sir, well described, but like you said, words cannot describe your love. This is of Jane, but what of Bertha… Did you love Bertha? Why did you marry her in the first place, if you knew of Bertha’s mental condition and how it would restrict you of such happiness?

With Bertha, I was unaware of Bertha’s mental condition in the beginning. I had loved Bertha, but not as much as I love Jane, she was young and beautiful then. It turned out that her family tricked me into marrying her for my wealth and status. I soon began to realise that Bertha was changing, only to discover that her family had a history of mentality, and the Mason’s did not inform me, so I was deceived by them. But I continued to love her as she gradually drove herself to madness, until the day when her actions were out of control. I knew that if I left her, she would die. So I kept her locked in my attic for these 15 years, and it is because of her, I irregularly return to Thornfield, and then leave again, to check on my poor wife’s condition, as well as the home.

So why is it that you kept Bertha, and as a secret to not only your Jane, but to everyone in the community?

Well, Bertha Mason’s condition was absolutely terrible, she had become a monster. I had taken care of her so much that only I know the way to calm her down… through my presence. If she stayed with her family, or anyone around, she would cause havoc around that area without me to soothe her. Also, if I left her on her own in the midst of nowhere, she would die certainly without food or water or shelter. I couldn’t just do that to my own wife, so I kept her. However, I then thought carefully, if anyone found out that I was keeping my deranged wife with me in Thornfield, fear will strike these men and women for Bertha’s dangerous actions. I did not want them to fear anything, so I decided to keep her a secret from anyone who did not know about her, so that they feel safe at Thornfield. I kept this a secret from Jane for that very same reason.

I see now that you have not intended for very bad actions, but deceit was needed to get through it all.

Yes it was…

But you attempted bigamy by marrying Jane although you were already married to Bertha, which is a crime, why have you done so?

Like I said earlier, I love Jane more than I have loved Bertha, and with Bertha around I was stuck in a trap, the trap of unhappiness. I was not happy for a long time until Jane came along, and accompanied me to the world I have always wanted, of happiness. I needed a way to get out of my miserable state. It was through Jane, my love, that I could do so. So I attempted to marry her and quickly go away to France, without anyone, especially Bertha, know where we are. So I tried to secure my happiness, without hurting Bertha’s or Jane’s. This is why I attempted this crime, and now I do regret it much…

So Jane has run away from you and Bertha committed suicide by jumping off the roof, as a certain publican told me so. What are your plans for the near future to come?

Well, Jane told me that she had an uncle who wished to adopt her, so she must be on her way to Madeira to stay with him, but she left without many of her own belongings, or maybe even none. As I checked her house to see where she was, I found most of her belongings still in her room. I got very nervous. I don’t know where she is now, but for God’s sake I hope she’s alright and safe.

Bertha’s body burnt in the fire after she fell, so no proper burial can take place for her. I have sent my housekeeper, Mrs Fairfax, to live with her friends, and my ward, Adele, to school. As for me, I don’t know what I could possibly do or plan for the future in my blind state. I have received what I most terribly deserve, and I hope all that I love, Jane, Mrs Fairfax and Adele, have a pleasant life that comes ahead of them. That is all I can say about this tragic part of my life…

Very touching indeed sir, I am sure that they all are having great lives right now as we speak. Thank you for letting me come into your house and hear your story. I guarantee you that many will read this and have sympathy for what you have lost. I will hope the best for you and your eyesight, as well as your amputated hand.

Thank you for being a patient listener.

This is Samir Mustavi reporting, on what will become a huge story in the world of news. Thank you…