Indonesia is a big country from its size. But Indonesia isn’t a big country in prosperity. I love my country but I’m disappointed with miss managements of it. It’s so sad to see our generations are the ones that mostly say “this country isn’t good, someday I’ll runaway and live abroad, not here”. We as the generation are supposed to make a brighter future for Indonesia. I promise myself to create a brighter future for Indonesia and for the world, as possible as I can. And this is my promise to Indonesia. Before I can change the world, I have to change my country.

Before I change my country, I have to change the society, and before I change anyone else, I have to change myself. Graduate from high school is like a step to go outside of the house. We'll find the real adventure. To get my dreams, I have to do some things. I’ll continue my education to university and take “international relation” major. For about 4 years ahead, I’m having a goal to be a good student. I will concern with my major, join student organizations and activities, and also be active in society.

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I know that for now I still don’t know for sure what I’ll do for Indonesia, but I believe, along my education while trying to be a good student, active in organizations and society, I will find the way to improve my country. But however I have to make plans for my life to reach dreams for Indonesia. I’m 18 years old when I join in the university, and with this young age, there are so many chances that I can take. I can be a good student and active in the student council, be active in many student activities, get a study visit in a company, and take a part in the society like joining the society forums.

A good country isn’t determined by the economy condition only, but also in international relation. With this international relation major, I can be a diplomat or a foreign ministry, and if I could become one of them, I’ll make Indonesia have more relations with other countries in as many sectors as possible. For example, in economy I’ll enlarge Indonesia’s roles in international market, I’ll fix the problem of TKI in other countries. In education, I’ll make more schools that have cooperation with other countries, and enlarge opportunity for scholarship aboard, and many more.

I’ll make Indonesia’s relations with the other countries be better in every sector, take more roles in international, and stuff. But most of all I’d be an agent of change for society around me and I’ll use my power and position to spread the power of education, give people real example on how a high education can bring a bright future, and I can only do that by gaining a bright future for my own. That’s the very first step to create a bright future of Indonesia.