Moral deviation in Egypt is found in all aspects of life. There are many types of deviations in the Egyptian way of life. Adultery and prostitution have become features of the Egyptian society throughout the last decades. Some social observers attribute the ever-growing phenomenon of moral deviation in Egypt to poverty and administration corruption. Throughout my life time, I strongly believe that illiteracy, unemployment, and poverty are the real causes of the existence of prostitution, adultery and other types of moral deviation in Egypt.

The internet and satellite channels are misused by teenagers neglecting the internet and the mass media as sources of useful information. A large number of teenagers fall as victims of trying illegal sexual relations which may end up with illegitimate babies. I myself have watched an example of a young woman who had a baby out of adultery. Moral deviation is the soil that produces all types of social diseases. A few weeks ago when I was on my way home in a taxi, there was a black Mercedes that blocked the road. The driver of that black Mercedes was a man in his mid forties with a fashionable suit and a neat appearance.

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In front of that Mercedes, there was a woman crossing the road with a swollen belly. It seemed that she was about to give birth. I could tell that from her stumbling heavy steps across the road. Suddenly, the woman fell down on the ground. The gentleman parked his Mercedes and got out of the car. He helped the woman get up and carried her to his car. Fortunately, there was a big hospital nearby. I followed that gentleman with my eyes and could not hide my admiration for his civilized behavior. The gentleman carried that woman he didn’t know into the hospital’s information desk.

The scene of the noble man carrying the pregnant woman to the hospital relieved me. A few days later, I met my uncle Salem who was one of the cleverest lawyers in Egypt. I asked him how things were going with him. My uncle answered grimly that adultery and prostitution in Egypt had reached alarming levels. As a result of my close relationship to my uncle, I was sure there was something specific that troubled him. My uncle did not waste time and began to tell me about one of his cases that had put him in that dull mood. My uncle told me that he was defending a man n court.

That man was rich with a noble birth. My uncle added that a few days ago, that man had to stop his car when he had noticed a pregnant woman crossing the road with heavy steps. Suddenly, the woman fell down on the ground and that kind man carried her into the nearest hospital and paid for her birth operation. I could not stop myself from telling my uncle that I had seen that scene myself and I gave my uncle a good description of the man and the woman. My uncle assured me that the man and the woman were exactly the same people he was talking about.

I asked my uncle if the woman had died and that man fell into trouble. My uncle answered negatively and added: “I wish that woman had died”. He told me that when the woman had learnt that the man who had brought her to hospital was one of the richest businessmen in Egypt, the woman bribed the nurses to help her register that man’s name as the father’s name of her newly-born baby. It was clear that the woman seemed to have committed adultery with someone who abandoned her after she became pregnant.

My uncle’s anger was so intense that he was shouting rather than explaining to me. He said: “I wonder how moralities in Egypt have degraded to that low level. That man helped a woman about to give birth and instead of thanking him, she claimed that my client was the father of the baby but she was ignorant and mistaken”. I asked my uncle how she was mistaken. He said that because that lady was uneducated, she did not know that with some blood and DNA analysis, he managed to prove that his client was not the father of the lady’s baby.

My uncle concluded that the woman had to stay under custody till her trial date the following week. I did not know whether to feel pity for her and her baby or blame the widespread of illegal sexual relations found everywhere on the ruling regime that had caused all those types of moral deviation. In my opinion, Mubarak's ruling system has opened the door for government officials especially policemen to find excuses for accepting bribes in general and from prostitutes in particular in return for not arresting them.

What is worse is that some policemen were involved in free sexual relations with prostitutes. For example, the famous talk-show TV presenter Hala Sarhan was dismissed from Rotana Tv channel in the wake of broadcasting a special episode about prostitutes in Egypt. In that episode, some prostitutes confessed that they were working under the protection of some policemen in return for offering those policemen free sexual relations. The episode also exposed some real causes of the spread of prostitution and adultery in Egypt. uoteeeee"Hala faced so many violent critics that have led to attacks and to the trial before the Egyptian court, after having broadcasted in 2007 an episode of her program on Rotana addressing the subject of prostitutes in Egypt. This has irritated conservative people what made Hala Sarhan leave Egypt". In that episode, the girls introduced confessed that unemployment, illiteracy and absence of parental supervision came first as primary causes of adultery and prostitution in Egypt.

The girls admitted that every time anyone of them got a respectable job, their deviant employers threatened to dismiss them from their jobs unless they responded to their sexual desires. Most of the girls came from an illiterate social background. Those illiterate girls considered prostitution as a means of income and alternative of decent employment. Absence of parental supervision indirectly encourages teenagers to watch sites that over sexual content. As a result of the high prices and economic pressures, a lot of parents have to travel to work abroad leaving their kids without a vigilant supervisor at home.

Consequently, such teenagers tend to copy the deviant sexual examples shown on the internet. Prostitution is an annoying ghost that haunts the Egyptian life and minds of the Egyptians. There have been recent stories about teenagers who become fathers and mothers at a very young age. For example, the well-known case of Hend, who was no more than twelve years old and was considered the youngest mother in Egypt, became a mother after a sixteen-year-old boy had raped her. The young man confessed that he had been exposed to sexual material on some European space channels at that time.

The boy also added that his parents did not care much about how he spent his time outdoors. It seems that sexual deviation is like a thorny tree that has many branches. In addition to prostitution, adultery is a branch of deviation. While prostitution is a common phenomenon among teenagers especially females who offer their sexual services for money, adultery is a common phenomenon among married and non-married people. Adultery often happens in secret while prostitution sometimes happens in public. In major streets, prostitutes could be seen daily here and there waiting for a customer to pick them up in his luxurious car.

Adultery normally brings in illegitimate babies like the example of the woman in my story. However, prostitutes do not often get babies out of their sexual relationships which they consider as business rather than a secret love relationship. Therefore, Prostitutes often take precautions against pregnancy. Government documents in Egypt teem with thousands of adultery cases. Most cases of adultery are higher among illiterate people as illiterate people like the woman in the story do not have knowledge about the dangerous effects of adultery on the society and on themselves.

Illiteracy among women is the highest in rural areas due to the fact that farmers do not believe in the importance of female education as long as the girl would marry and her salary would go to her husband. Early marriage in Egyptian villages becomes the alternative of educating women. AymanTawdros, Who supervises CARITAS literacy programs in the southern Egyptian governorate Luxor states that according to some backward beliefs, rural parents think that spending money on their daughter’s education is a waste of money and a burden on the family.

Tawdros says: “Parents are less willing to invest in their daughters than their sons because they believe that by their late teens the girls will likely marry off and move away. ” Population growth overtakes literacy raise by Cam Mcgrath. If poverty is considered by many to be the first cause of adultery I think that illiteracy is the mother source of many harmful afflictions like unemployment, ignorance, and poverty itself. Once a woman is not educated, she does not have any qualifications to get a job easily. She becomes unemployed for a long time.

She might have to commit adultery as the only choice left to make money. If she does not find a permanent decent job, prostitution could be the end of her endeavors. For all the previous reasons, illiteracy is a social threat to men and women as it leaves the illiterate person without knowledge, skills and definitely jobs. In this case, poverty becomes the final terminal of any illiterate person. Illiteracy in Egypt must be considered the most dangerous threat to the Egyptian society due to its devastating effects on the economy and social conditions of the individuals.

The other influential branch of moral illness in the society is unemployment. In third world countries like Egypt, Power is dominated by a handful of families and corrupt businessmen who employ their relatives in important posts neglecting the majority of youth in the society. It is amazing that recent statistics in Egypt have proved that unemployment among the educated is higher than unemployment among illiterate people “The youth of Egypt are most severely affected by the unemployment problem.

Egyptian graduates have to wait for more than five years on an average to get employed by the labor force administration. As long as corruption exists in the Egyptian society in different features, Progress is unlikely to take place in Egypt. Moreover, unemployment, adultery, illiteracy, and poverty will remain as social illnesses related to low moral behavior existing side by side all together. As a result of unemployment, some deviant young people yield to violence to get money by all means.

For example, a few days ago I was stopped on the highway by some idle young men. They were armed with guns and forced me to leave my car which they drove away after beating me badly. Finally, it has become evident that moral deviation has different types in Egypt. Bribery is a sort of corruption that comes out of lack of moral values. Adultery is another type of corruption that comes out of poverty and illiteracy. Unemployment continues as long as corruption prospers in a society. Unemployment leads to committing crimes with violence to get money.

As a result of the previous illnesses found in the Egyptian society, the young people of Egypt have revolted against the ruling regime as the foster of all the previous illnesses. The 25th of January revolution is just a beginning for a positive change in the Egyptian society. Millions of Egyptians hope to see their country void of illiteracy, unemployment, poverty and low moral behavior. However, there is a long way to go in fighting prostitution and adultery in particular and all types of moral deviation in general.