Today, we live in a society filled with a vast variety of new technologies, discoveries, and information. These new and updated findings are what make the world we live in more modern. There are endless advancements being made daily, making the people who live on our planet more modern, individually and as a whole. I, in fact, am a modern person due to the way I live my life and the technologies I use on a day to day basis.

The word “modern” means “of or relating to the present or recent times as opposed to the remote past”. The adjective is synonymous with the words new, up-to-date, contemporary, latter-day, and neoteric. All of these words easily describe the world in which we live as well as the billions of people who inhabit it. Life is limitless when it comes to technology. Every single day, more advancements are being made; new things are being discovered and new things are being invented.

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Some of these new technologies include, but are not limited to, three dimensional displays, LCD and plasma displays, an electronic nose, biofuels, concentrated solar power, and grid energy storage. A few up-and-coming technologies include but are not limited to three dimensional printing, carbon dioxide conversion, and online electric vehicles (OLEV). Today, our society has cars that start on their own, park themselves, and can make hands free telephone calls. There are cellular phones and computer technologies that fit in the palm of a hand.

I may not use all of the extremely advanced technologies such as the electronic nose, grid energy storage, carbon dioxide conversion, or concentrated solar power regularly, but I am a modern person; I use a multitude of other new technologies on a daily basis. The car I drive is able to run on unleaded gasoline and E85 ethanol fuel, making my vehicle more gas efficient and eco-friendly. My steering wheel can adjust the radio volume, change the radio station, place a call, end a call, and send a text message. I can start my vehicle from up to a half of a mile away via a keypad on my key.

Another modern technology I use that makes me a modern person is my cell phone. It weighs less than five ounces, fits in my palm, and has nearly endless functions. Using these and many other technologies on a day to day basis makes my life very modern. As was stated before, the world we live in is very modern. New technologies are being updated, created, and used every single day. Our world and its inhabitants are high-tech and up to date. I, in fact, am a modern person due to the way I live my life and the technologies I use on a day to day basis.