Style for me is like a daily conversion, I never remain under one typical style label. Bright colors are my main inspiration, mainly pinks and purples, but I also will rock the darker colors such as blacks and grays. When I go out on the town, I tend to stick to the brighter colors with my hair down, ready to be noticed. I tone it down to more neutral and warm colors for days that I need to look professional. For example, if I have an interview to attend. I do not go overboard with makeup use, except for when I am feeling the need to be spontaneous.

Typically, I use foundation to even out my skin tone, mascara to bring out my eyes, a little splash of blush to warm the cool contours of my face, eyeliner to bring shape to my eyes and lip gloss for a nice overall healthy shine. I like to be funky, classy, and never trashy. My image reflects my ability to be subjected to change and modify my style with the way I am feeling each day. My attitude tends to be very vibrant with color. I am friendly, funny, outgoing, and sassy but at the same time, I can be timid. I am very personal. I enjoy connecting with people on a level that both of us can relate to.

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I love talking to new people, hearing stories about their life, and sharing stories about mine. I get a true inspiration with ever having a career in cosmetology because I can be personal with it and bring out my inner artist. My grandmother has had the same hair dresser since the late 80's. Through the years, I have seen how she works and I adore the idea of sitting with someone one on one, talking with them, whether it is doing their hair, nails, or makeup. I want to make a difference in someone's life, as my grandmother's hair dresser has made in my life, and in hers.

In past jobs I have had, it was always just ring up their order, and talk to them if they ask. Sitting behind the register was just not my idea of an enjoyable career. I was unhappy and could not put my ability to use. I hated that. I was keen on always finding out what the customer’s needs were in order to make sure they were satisfied. I would be sure to make suggestions to them based on what they already had in their hands and to instill my personal ideas in them just to give more of a personal outlook. I find that sitting behind the desk jobs are just not my calling. I am more of a hands-on kind of person.

I want to be doing something I enjoy and interact with people and make them happy with what I have to offer. Creativity should be my middle name, as cheesy as that sounds. I have always loved the artsy things in life. Whether it is drawing, writing poetry, scrap-booking, or decorating. I have been drawing since I was 4 or 5 years old, and scrap-booking since I was 8 years old. Recently, I have been creating these extremely colorful and themed circles that take a lot of time and effort to make and I add personal images that my friends and loved ones adore and make it a personal gift.

Teaching myself new aspects of art has always been an enjoyable challenge and hobby for me. Whether or not my first knitted hat comes out lumpy, I do it again to perfect it and make it my own. I feel I have been blessed with that special talent to see ways to add my own touch to things. I feel I can really put my creativity to use by working with it on a daily basis with customers. Having the ability to satisfy and WOW customers would give me a reason to want to work. Business matters are of great importance. I will always be ready to take initiative to further progress in any work field.

Being an artist, I cannot stay stagnant, therefore moving up in the workforce is just as important as my customer satisfaction outcomes. I have obtained fellow friends and family who stand by me for my dreams to create and perfect cosmetology. They are willing to allow me to advance my level of professionalism by practicing on them. It is important in any type of business to leave an impression to make sure that your clientele will come back. I will be sure to make every experience personal and enjoyable while meeting the customer’s demands.

It is not just about the money, but also about the joy I bring to others as well as myself. I want to go to school, and have a career, that I will like. When I get my mind set to do something, I do everything I can to make it happen. It's who I am. I don't want to grow old, never having done something I love doing and always wondering "what if". I want a career that I will love, not one that I'll hate, and eventually learn to resent. I want a career, where I will have the ability, and freedom, to be creative. In conclusion, I want to go to MTI Paul Mitchell Partner School, to make something better of my life.