When it comes to my career path I have always wanted to work with children but as I got older I developed a great passion for music. Music has always been around me, my dad was a big music buff. Since my father’s passing I feel like I have a special connection to him when I sing and listen to music. I’ve always been shy when it came to singing in front of an audience until I began going to Bethune-Cookman University. While I was enrolled there I joined a band and was singing in a local lounge every weekend and I loved it! Once I moved back home and enrolled in Georgia State I felt it was time to break out of my shell and truly begin to perform.

In 2009 I was at Erykah Badu concert in Atlanta, Ga. The opening act for her was an artist by the name of RAHBI, he was amazing. His vocal range and performance was out of this world, I had to meet him. Once the concert was over he was in the lobby doing a meet and greet while selling a few of his cd’s. When the crowd finally left I was able to make my move to meet him and ask a couple of questions. I told him how much I enjoyed his show and told him about what I wanted to do in the music industry, he gave me a little of advice and told me to add him on Facebook. I added him and he began inviting me to all of his performances.

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A year later I was singing back-up for a local artist in this production and RAHBI happened to be in the show as well. Practicing for this production allowed me to truly connect with RAHBI and develop a friendship. This was his first time hearing me sing and he loved my voice. It was his admiration that gave me the assurance in my voice that I needed. During that time he began From that point on RAHBI became my musical mentor.

I began my interview with the question “ Did you always know you would have a career in music?”. Rahbi has been singing since he was three which started with him singing at family gatherings. He doesn’t see making music his career, he see’s it as a way of life. Music is his life, its all he knows. I found this response to be amusing because i somewhat feel the same way. I would sing for my family all of the time when I was little as well. I remember standing on my grandmother’s fireplace and putting on performances. Music consumes me, it is me.

My next question was “ What point did you start to work toward you music career?”. Rahbi felt like it wasn’t really a conscious start. He felt he has a God given talent and people started to take notice. His examples of this are ; 1. He sang all during elementary and middle school and randomly got the opportunity to sign to a boy band on Laface Records, 2. He joined a theater company for fun and Motown recording artist Donnie showed up and asked him to go on tour with him, 3. He began writing music while ing the theatre company and decided to record them and once he started to do that major recording artists and world began to take notice of his craft. He believes lining up with your purpose is the key.

Since music is something I want to pursue I wanted to know some ways I could develop my craft so i asked Rahbi. He says that he practices all the time. He also records everything he does and goes back to listen. When he goes back to listen he critiques himself and fix the areas that he is not pleased with. This is one thing that I need to start doing. I’m a big critic of myself and I think that is one reason why I don’t record myself and go back and listen.

My next question was “ Is there anything you wish you would’ve done differently in getting to this point in you career?”. Rahbi wouldn’t change anything. He feels the good and the bad is what made him who he is and he loves it. I also asked “ What advice would he give someone who is wanting to pursue a career in music?”. He says to never stop pursuing. “ The only thing that separates someone who “makes it” from someone who doesn’t is giving up. “ Forever believe in you and what you have to offer the world. My final question was “ What are the pros and cons of your career choice?”. His pro is that you have the chance to inspire masses and change the world. His con is people aren’t always ready for change.

From conducting this interview with Rahbi I learned a few things. I learned I need to stop being afraid and truly take the steps toward building my career in music. I realized that I’m never going to be a perfect vocalist so I need to stop being such a hard critic of myself. When I hear something I do not like fix it instead of dwelling on it. I also learned in pursuing a career in music you truly have to be passionate, if there is no passion why are you dong it. This interview really brought validation to my life and in my decision of pursuing music.