Mass media has dominated political thinking in many ways all around the world. TV, radio, the Internet, and smart phones all have the ability to get you thinking about polltlcs and what's going on around you. Many of todays youth are more active In the world around them by mass media. Sometimes that is a good thing but when they start receiving the wrong information it can be risky, everyone needs to know that not everything you hear and see is true.

When it comes to elections and governmental ffairs, mass media is the major source of information people use before making a decision whether good or bad even if it's slandering another politicians name and what they stand for. Mass Medla dominates political thinking with the media, print media, radio, television, and the Internet. The American news media hold a longstanding and important place in American politics, and from the very start of our nation we have taken seriously the role and responsibility of the press.

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The link between politics and the media is so close that the two create an illusion that they re one entity, or at least that the press serves as a "fourth branch" of government according to the book by Alison Dagnes titled Polltlcs on Demand. The First Amendment of the Constitution guarantees press freedom and preserves the right of journalists to cover politicians and institutions. Since the beginning of the media to present time media it has grown and developed with more technology that gets the press out more quickly.

Political partisans have used the media as weapons against their political opponents. And because the tension in partisanship is entertaining, he media encourages it thus making good radio, television, and internet. It also sells books, newspapers, and magazines. Earlier years in America the main source to get your news would be newspapers. Now-a-days people don't need to buy a newspaper when they can just sit at home and watch the news or surf the internet to see what is going on with the world.

Politicians' use book publications to reach out to society, they do so by writing books such as autobiographies to portray themselves to the public, and also they write memoirs to recall important and defining life and career moments to solidify their egacies. one person whom I know did this Is Republican senator and former presidential candidate John McCain. He more than likely did it to keep his name fresh to the general public. Younger people and mass media go a long way. In Israel a group of college student sat in protest their government. They took a stand against what they thought was wrong with their country, and sat in protested.

They would not have had that much of an Impact if the media wasn't covering their story as Intensely as they did. Also kind of recently one teenage boy shot up an elementary chool and then killed himself. He took teen depression and suicide to the next level. Bully, a documentary on how young people treat others in schools, is a great movie that got a lot of attention from the media and to adults around the world. Each one of these examples is things that have been on the news in the last twoyears. These stories have made impacts on the world politically In many ways.

Schools now have more security since the shooting of the kids. IsraelS students and teachers are working on their education to hopefully make it better. The rating on the movie bully as changed to allow the movie in schools to put a mirror to the kids to show them how to not treat their peers. Information that is untrue can also seem so real, the media has more power than we seem to realize because it can make you believe Just about anything. Like right now the war on terror, what is it exactly? We are fighting to take peoples' rights away by not giving equal opportunity.

The media gives us all subliminal messaging. They show us the fine print of what they want us to know and what they want to put in our minds. Television cuts off the creative Juices in your ind. Slowly but surely television subliminally pushes its views on you, without you realizing it. Todays music talks about nothing but sex, drugs, money and fame. The youth now-a-days only talk about the same thing because it's what they have been exposed to all their lives. Many of our youth don't realize the impact the music and television have on them. They want to be what the media wants them to be.

Obama has a good values system because if he didn't then the only reason why he would have been elected would be because of the color of his skin. But the reason why Obama won was because of his view on society and the promise to make a change for the better. When Obama got into office and didn't make the changes that he said he would, people got upset, and many would say that it was a risky chance to elect him to be our president. When information is changed or altered to get political people ahead, it can have bad consequences. The media stretches the truth sometimes, to make what they talk about interesting.

They also highlight the bad on people in our government. It seems like Most of our government males have had an ffair at least one time in their lives. Before the cell phone was so popular, it was harder to find out about these affairs. Now they have proof and text messages to prove the infidelity of our leaders. The discovery channel has a new show out called The Bible. It is getting a lot of press because of its portrayal of the devil as president Obama. This is a good thing and a bad thing. The reason why it is a bad thing is because it's slandering the name of our president.

The reason why it's a good thing is because of the accusation that our president and presidents before him are all in his anti-religious group called the illuminati. In a way it would give our president a chance to explain himself. In other ways it gives him publicity. One of mass media's slogans are no publicity is bad publicity. TMZ and Extra are the kings and queens of this statement. When they air something on a person like Michel Jackson, and accuse him of being a child molester and place certain pictures up, people will believe what they are hearing even if it's not true.

We can think for ourselves but mass media does play a part in corrupting the way that people view things. No one person can ay that the reason why they view the world the way they do is completely because they thought of it themselves. Some way or another thoughts get into you head to make your political thinking and decision making the way that they are. Mass media does play a great part into your political thinking because without it most people would not have A viewpoint at all.