Maslow Hierarchy of needs is the basic ways of living. We go by these methods to keep stability of ourselves. Some people didn’t know that there is an step by step method on how your life is suppose to be. Maslow Hierarchy needs is survival needs, that’s the need to keep us alive such as food, water, air with the exceptional of sex. I believe you will still be alive without sex I would use that in a different category.

The next one is safety, the need to feel or to be safe in your own home. The next method is love and affection (intimacy A. K. A sex) we need to feel loved by our family ,friends, husbands, wives, etc.. Being intimate, we need to feel loved to keep us motivated and confident. The next one of Hierarchy needs is esteem. We want to be respected from everybody. Respect goes a long way for an individual. Then last but not least is self actualization, and that’s being everything you can be no one can do everything but you can be everything you can to be prime motivation healthily individuals. Does this makes sense to me?

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Well yes it does because with this method of living it’s not really no other means of living unless your homeless and lonely. We are responsible for our lives and how we live and if you want to live a healthily life then this method can’t go wrong I don’t see no other way on how to reach your goals and to be the person we plan to be without the first four of the theories. In relating to motivation any motivated behavior either in the beginning or in the concluding must be understood. A person has to have a drive about what he or she wants out of there life expectancy.

Out of five methods from Abraham Maslow Hierachy methods I find three most challenging and there are safety, esteem, and self actualization. Safety I find challenging because in my life I have three children I have to protect from this world on an everyday basis and right now I’m not sure if we will a stable place to live and and as mother, an parent of three it’s hard and it’s a struggle right now living with family and friends. The next is esteem. My respect level isn’t where I want it to be right now because I have not really did anything to earn it in a way where it’s recognizable.

Last but not least is self actualization. If I was younger I would have did things differently and by that being said I feel like I have not accomplish anything in life where I can say I’ve done this or I’ve done that. I just started back going to school because I want to be a leading example to my children that if ‘’Mama’’ did it you can too. Maybe this my starting point and I’m restarting my ladder up that pyramid. Whatever I missed and didn’t do I will make it up. It’s definitely a challenge for me and it’s very hard but all I can do is make the best of every situation I’m put in.