This marketing proposal was designed by Mark Alvarez, Eeshit Pradeep and Danilo Poujo for the Ronald McDonald House Charity organisation located in Brisbane, Queensland. Executive Summary The following marketing proposal will examine possible improvements in the Marketing Field for the Ronald McDonald House. Since 1981 the Ronald McDonald House has established 15 houses across Australia and provided services for 68,000 families (ND, about-us, 2016).

After intensive analysis of market trends, we believe that our proposal will provide a sound strategy that will aid the organisation in reaching a wider audience so that more people in need can benefit from their program. Target Market The current target market comprises of families with children who befall severe illness and need a long-term hospital stay. Families have to travel long distances to stay with their children during these hard times and spend their hard earned income for motels and hotels.

Ronald McDonald house aims to provide rent free accommodation to these families so that may use their funds on the medical care instead. They also offer educational programs to children who return to school after lengthy period of absence due to the illness. (ND, about-us, 2016) Situation Analysis Although RMH is a highly proficient charity, its overall efficiency still depends on the donation and sponsorships it receives. Other Big corporations like the Subway, KFC and Hungry Jacks etc also have their CSR programs which vie for the same public donations and volunteers.

The programs with the better marketing will have a higher chance of receiving the valuable funds and volunteers that can make or break a charity. Implementation Focusing on the Promotional and Digital marketing fronts, a 3 month timeline can be implemented to focus on the following strategies. Promotional Strategy (Month - 1) On August 2015, McDonald’s in Rio de Janeiro held a happy big mac day. This consisted of one entire day where the sandwich known as the “Big Mac” had all of its proceeds go to city’s very own RMH.

The cost of this campaign was approximately $14,000 in USD. The sales of the Big Mac for this day was $246,680. In addition, with the money donated by sponsors and other products, the RMH in Rio received roughly $368,000 from this one-day event. (ND, mcdiafeliz, 2015). If RMH Brisbane attempts a similar idea, it could raise thousands of dollars and raise awareness for the Brisbane RMH. Digital Marketing Strategy (Month 2 and 3) In this day and age of information technology, it is essential that social media is used to its maximum potential to raise awareness about a good cause.

Internet allows a number of highly efficient methods that can aid in getting a global recognition. Two such methods that can be used by RMH are viral videos and Setting trends. These methods were used to great success by ALS & MND Association charities with the ice bucket challenge and the No Shave November movement by the Movember Foundations (Charlton, 2013). These initiatives quickly become a global phenomenon and raised awareness about the foundations and their causes at an unprecedented level.

Marketing Goals/Projections The chief goal of this proposal is to increase the awareness about the RMH Brisbane and its services and programs to the general public, especially in inner cities and rural areas. With improved marketing more families will be able to utilize the programs afforded by RMH Brisbane and at the same time more people would donate and volunteer at the centres. As of now, RMH Brisbane has a severe shortage of volunteers which we found out on our visit to the RMH Herston.

Recommendations Our recommendation to senior management would be to implement the promoting strategy or a similar promotional event such as Big Mac Day. Coupled with the internet strategy, the two go hand in hand in order to reach out to the families that could most benefit from this program. As we know, it is the sole mission of Ronald McDonald House Charity and this proposal could be catalyst to reach the goals this organisation strives to accomplish.