The song “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”, performed by The Beatles, written in the year 1967, by John Lennon, takes the listener on a journey into the imagination. The most common interpretation of “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” is that the lyrics of the song follow the journey that one would embark on after taking the drug LSD which would project wild imaginings. Other interpretations of “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” are that Lennon had a girlfriend named Lucy and that the song is primarily about her..

During “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”, the imaginative journey emanates throughout in which adds to the song’s complexity. Imaginative journeys are used generally as an escape from reality and the dull everyday life, and are often the search for something greater. The first words of the song are “picture yourself”, telling us that the following parts of the song are imaginary. This is a good way of explaining how the song relates to an imaginative journey. This song does not have a rhyme scheme but a free verse layout.

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This characteristic of “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” lets down the flow of the song a little bit, due to there being no connection through the use of rhyming. But this fits this song accompainied by the lyrics and score. There are many different techniques that add to the intricacy of the song, the following lines and paragraphs will list and explain most of the techniques. In “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”, the concept of journeys is represented by the use of imagery and symbolism.

The meaning of the lyrics is different to each responder and can only come from careful listening and a deep understanding of the song. This song does not have many metaphors, and the metaphor in the following sentence is a difficult one to understand. In the last line of the first verse “a girl with kaleidoscope eyes” is a metaphor. The reason for it being a metaphor is that for obvious reasons that a girl cannot have kaleidoscopes for eyes, so I take it that the girls eyes are reflecting on her surroundings and what is inside.

In “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”, there is a lot of imagery; these following examples make it very easy to project the pictures of the song into the mind. Imagery is shown by lines such as “cellophane flowers of yellow and green” and “marmalade skies” these lines give the listener a sense of being there, and being able to see what the composer has portrayed in the song. The second person technique combined with the technique of imagery, created by alliteration, “tangerine trees” and “plasticine porters” which helps the description stand out, and adjectives such as “newspaper taxis”.

There are some techniques that are harder to find, and be easily looked-over. This is shown in the starting line of each verse is innocent and would maybe appeal to a child’s mind. For example the “newspaper taxis” appearing on the shore could refer to paper boats appearing on the shore. This text explores the journey as means of searching for something as throughout the song, the listener is told to “look for the girl with the sun in her eyes” who appears difficult to find.

Not until the end of the song and, the end of the journey, the “girl with kaleidoscope eyes” is found. It seems that she was the purpose of the journey into the imaginative world. This song relates to journeys because it is believed to be an acid trip, it is a journey through John Lennon’s (the primary composer) mind. He was inspired by a painting that his young son had made; the painting had psycadelic colours, which inspired and motivated Lennon to try to bring out these features in his song.