“YOLO” is a term often used by today's youth. You can hear people say it everywhere, or even see it as a hashtag on Twitter (#YOLO). It is an abbreviation which stands for "You Only Live Once. " This expression roots from “Carpe Diem,” which is Latin for "seize the day. " It emphasizes how precious life is and how we should seize every extraordinary moment and opportunity that comes our way. It encourages people to bring out the best in them in order to enjoy life and make the most out of each day. Several adults say that YOLO is simply Carpe Diem for “stupid people.

This is because some teenagers interpret it in a different and objectifying way. For them, YOLO is an appropriate excuse for partying all night, getting drunk, getting into non-committed relationships, doing drugs, ditching school, mixing up their priorities - basically, doing whatever they want whenever they desire. They do these things because their understanding is that we will all die someday, anyway, so might as well live in the best and most fun way possible, even if it’s not always correct or safe.

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For them, doing the all these wrong things is fine and acceptable because we only have one life to live and some opportunities (to get drunk, skip school, etc. ) might not come again, so they just grab it while they can. They use the term YOLO as an excuse to take risks and be too carefree. They only want to have a good time, not realizing the gravity of the consequences of their actions, and that someday they will regret making that decision. The expression in itself is not stupid, rather, the people who justify their questionable behavior by the ‘YOLO’ are.

Do you think that because you only live once, you can do many things that will risk your future? Or even your own life? Instead of gambling your life away, just enjoy the present moment by making wise and memorable decisions. Positivity and satisfaction are the keys to living a good and enjoyable life. Happiness is a choice; it shouldn’t be the product of foolishness. Do not let others control or influence what your heart truly desires. You, yourself, can decide on how to live your life wisely. Live it to the fullest by choosing to do things and make memories that will turn you into the best possible version of yourself, not the worst.