My primary interest involves computer evolution in all its dimensions. Apparently, nowadays computer evolution is very helpful to humanity, to use computer is to lessen human effort in simple way. Our main intention when creating the system is to have central location of the information that would allow the user to disperse information to the student and for those who want to barrow the book. We emphasize system designed to acquire personal data in parallel with this research, but in a more personal realm.

Library an organize collection of books, printed materials, and other sources of information. It plays an important role in the life of the student. It stands as the guidance of student for their studies. It contains all the resources needed by the student.

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Eventually it came down to the point where they can’t look for the book and the list of student who borrow the books. Another it takes time to find the book because they are not improperly place in the bookshelf.

To avoid conflict and misunderstanding regarding the issue of this information in the library, someone has to develop a system to organize the books stored in the library. Some System needs implementation to test the accessibility and its importance in the rapid change of technology. Human in nature is always open for new discoveries to apply in their daily living, like craving to try for something new.

Background of the study The current Librarian Property Custodian of Ramon Avacena National High School is Mardonia E. Nequinto. All the information of books listed in the log book which the librarian provided. Including the name of student who borrow the books, and kept to the cabinet.

Listing and record the books of Ramon Avacena is a very hard and tedious to for the Librarian doing it manually. Looking for the names of student who barrow the books and to check or mark the date of returning the books can take time to the librarian to do it.

One of the importance’s of Library System is to record the books and save it. Add the names of student who barrow the books and the name of book, the author and the unique number of each of book. If the librarian head have to check the name of books barrowed by the student it takes time to find out.

Our group decided to have a study in specific problem to be able to have system that can automatically record and update the information gathered. The Library System. This system will contain an information about the books and the student who barrow the book and the date of returning, more faster and easier most importantly it can lessen the time and effort of the librarian or the personnel take charge.

Statement of the problem These are the problems of Ramon Avacena National High School we have discovered: 1. Listing the new name of books can take time to record. 2. Checking the books return by the student it’s difficult to find. 3. Difficulty in finding the names of book, the author, and the ISBN that the student wants to barrow.

Statement of objectives The objective of the study is to make a system that could add the new book and saved. Can view all the records of the student who barrow the book and all the information about the books. The objective of the study is the assertion statement of the problem with the general objectives and specific objectives desired outcome of the research process. General Objective:

The general objective of the study is to make a system that could view, add, and saved all the information of books with the use of the system that we are going to implement.

Specific Objectives: These are the objectives that the researches would like to achieve: 1. To design a program that will store all records automatically and view or locate records quickly. 2. To create a program that makes the recording process easier and faster. 3. To provide a reliable and safety record of books.

Significance of the study This study will be a significant endeavor in promoting good work environment in the workplace and motivations between the librarian and the student. This study will beneficial to the librarian or other personnel take charge in the library for the faster and easier of adding the books and save automatically.