The manager of the well-known cinema Showcase has approached me. He has explained to me that the leaflets produced for his cinema are lacking in quality. There is a film about to be shown at his cinema and I have been offered to design and produce a leaflet advertising this film. This leaflet must be suitable to the target audience, must appeal to people, must attract people to this cinema and be really eye catching to passers-by.

What's the film?

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The film that I will be researching and developing a leaflet for, is Finding Nemo. The story behind this computer-generated masterpiece revolves around the retrieval of a missing loved one. A tiny clown fish named Nemo is literally plucked from his home in the Great Barrier Reef and imprisoned in a Sydney dentist's aquarium, forcing his overprotective father to overcome his fear of the unknown and come and rescue him. This film is based to children with its computer generated graphics and cute characters, but also appeals highly to adults with its 'older generation' humour and real-time situations. The film is for both sexes. The film also appeals to all types of people, as it is not directed at a certain group. This film is for all.

Layout of report

For the layout of my report, I will keep it simple but effective. All the writing will be in comic sans, and in size 14. The titles will also be in comic sans but in bold and underlined. This makes the titles stand out and can easily be recognisable to what that part is about, but not too big that it obscures the rest of the writing. My header and footer will have my name in it, and also the page number and how many pages there are in the whole project e.g. page 2 of 19. This layout is suitable for a report as it is plain but simple, which gives it an effective appearance but also gets the information clearly across to the reader without any difficulty.

Internet searching

The image shows 'Google', which is a search engine used to find web sites or images etc. It shows how I have typed in 'Finding Nemo movie stills', so to search for pictures for my report on 'Finding Nemo'.

Alternatively, you can click on images so the define your search which makes the google engine only come out with images and not websites. I used this search page by typing in 'Finding Nemo images'. I then clicked on images, so to define my search so it will only show images and not websites.

I also searched for 'Finding Nemo' to get information on the film. This time I didn't click on images, as I just wanted information and just pictures. The result is it comes with a list of websites and not images.

This picture shows my search results after I searched for 'Finding Nemo images' on the 'Google' search engine. It displays the pictures that I searched for after typing the title and clicking on images and then search. It displays all pictures to do with the 'Finding Nemo' film.


I looked for graphics on the Internet. I used a programme called google, as mentioned above, to act as my search engine to find the pictures I needed. I typed in Finding Nemo on the images section, and it came up with a list of images, which I then saved the desired ones to my folder and inserted them into my document.

For my information, I used google again, typing in finding Nemo, but this time leaving it on the web section and not the images section. This gave me a list of websites, such as, where I managed to find reviews and information on my film. To find the poster (number 6), I typed in finding Nemo posters, and it came up with websites containing posters of finding Nemo, of which I chose one and copied it into my document.

The appearance of the original poster (number 6) is very well laid out. It is basically one big picture used as the background and the foreground, with a smidgen of writing over the top. At the top of the poster it says "From the creators of Monsters Ink". This is very useful, as people can identify the makers of the film, and anyone who enjoyed 'Monsters Ink', will be encouraged to see Finding Nemo as it's made by the same people so should be just as good. The ratio of graphics to text is 1:4, as there is only one graphic, although it covers the whole page so makes up for the little ratio. There is also a very small amount of text on this flyer, only showing the creators, the film name, when it's out and who produces it. A nice touch is "Sea it in the theatres".

The film is based in the sea and it shows even the simplest change to the writing style can make quite a difference. The flyer is bold, simple but enough, and extremely eye-catching. It is a very well designed and good quality flyer. My only change would be to add a bit more writing, as it doesn't enable future watchers to know anything about the film. There is big font showing the title and when the film is released. This is good as it shows quickly and easily what and when the film is, which is perfect for a poster. This poster would appeal to the target audience as its big, bold and full of colour, just what little kids want to see. It also has humour for the adults, shown by the picture.

I will be using research number 1. leaflet. This is because is explains the film well, and is an actual and reliable review done by a professional critic. I will not be using picture number 2., as it only shows one of the characters, which isn't the main one, and doesn't show enough detail. I will be using pictures 3 and 4, as they show a good level of detail and show a good selection of the main characters.


I have to design a leaflet to advertise the cinema and the film showing there. I will have to make certain choices to determine what programmes I will be using to design and construct my leaflet. There are several software packages I could possibly use to create this leaflet. The main choices are either Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher to craft the main layout of my leaflet. Then there is either Paint or Photoshop to modify pictures and make them unique and more attractive. There is the question of why bother even using a computer to produce this leaflet and instead manufacture it by hand. The reasons not to do it by hand is that it takes longer, cannot be mass produces easily, the manufacture may not be a great artist, it may not look smarter, and mainly it doesn't look as professional.

I have looked at my information and came to these concluded points; I will use publisher for my leaflet, as it had no disadvantages and even more advantages than word, and I will use paint to modify my pictures as it is easier to use and easier for me to gain access to.

There is the question of getting an artist to make the leaflet for me, but there are many reasons why that is a bad idea; it cannot be mass produced, it takes a lot longer, it looks worse, It doesn't look professional, and graphics cant be used from the actual film. Using ICT also has its problems; not everything can be achieved on a computer which could be done by hand, you have to require a computer to use one, it's not hand made and so doesn't have that 'artist's touch', and not every space of the paper can be used (e.g. writing can only go in blocks).

Working safely

To keep my work safe when doing this project, will be saving it regularly, a couple of times a lesson, to make sure that if something does go wrong, it will of just been saved and so nothing will be lost. I will save all my work in my Cousework1A folder, so that I will always know where my work is and how to find it. To keep me safe during this project I will keep hands dry at all times to avoid getting electrocuted. I will need to make sure my seat is at the right height to avoid straining my back and neck muscles.

Making sure my work is safe

I have set up a named unique named folder on the network just for my I.T work. On my documents, I just created a new folder, called it Coursework1A, and store all my coursework in it. My folder is also password protected. This enables only myself to enter this folder, as my password will be a code that only I know, so only I can get in it. This keeps my work safe as know one can delete it or tamper with it. I always save my work several times in a lesson in case the computer crashes. If you save it 3 or 4 times, then even if something does go wrong, nothing will be lost as the work will of only just been saved into my password-protected computer.

This is my screen dump of my coursework folder. It shows the path to my folder and were I save my work into. I can't stress enough how important it is to save my work at least 3 times per lesson as things can go wrong when you least expect or want them to.

Health and safety

There are 3 main problems

Virus Protection.

A virus is a programme that is written for one reason, to affect a computer in a harmful way. Viruses make copies of themselves; therefore adding to the harmful affect they have on a computer and computer system. Viruses move from computer system to computer system encrypting the files and damaging the software and system. My work is protected by Sophos. This scans everything on the schools network and deletes every single virus that it comes across. It is updated every day to scan for new viruses and anything harmful that enters the computer. Every computer needs a virus protection system as if there is no firewall (a wall blocking harmful programmes entering the computer) harmful programmes can destroy your files and stop the computer working altogether. A virus detector is a must.