Apply the points of Law for Murder to the Sutcliffe case. Build a case against him using the Actuse Reus and Mens Rea of Murder which shows the court why he should be guilty of murder of Rita Rytka. Peter Sutcliffe is guilty on the grounds of Actuse Reus of Murder as he committed an unlawful act that caused the death of Rita Rytka who was 18 years of age and therefore, by definition of law, was a human being. He murdered her under the Queens Peace as there was no war or threat against the country on the 31st January 1978.

Peter Sutcliffe (the defendant) should also be charged for Specific Intention as the defendant intended to murder Rita Rytka just as he did his other victims and was determined to do so even after the interruptions that had occurred that night. For example, there were two nearby taxi drivers that could have seen Peter Sutcliffe and instead of fleeing, he dragged Rita Rytka by the hair into a corner, raped her whilst she bled and then finally stabbed her through the heart and lungs with a kitchen knife that was hidden in his car.

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Therefore, this proves that the defendant intended to kill Rita Rytka and was determined to following this action through. Peter Sutcliffe is also guilty on the grounds of Malice Aforethought, Express Malice and Mens Rea of Murder as he had the intention to kill Rita Rytka through grievous bodily harm and malicious wounding.

We know this as he had brought tools such as a hammer and kitchen knife with the intent to use them to paralyse his victim and murder them. For example, Peter Sutcliffe set Rita Rytka (his victim) up by asking her to get into the back seat and when her head was turned, he tried to strike her down with his hammer but missed, therefore, he hit her again to knock her down and then again in attempt to kill her as she still wasn’t dead.

Once he had raped her, she tried to escape and so Peter Sutcliffe hit her several more time on the back of her head, after she was still alive he dragged her to the front of the car and stabbed her with a kitchen knife through her heart and lungs and in turn, she died. The repeated hammering, beating and then stabbing of Rita Rytka, shows that Peter Sutcliffe had the complete intention of maliciously wounding, causing grievous bodily harm to and then finally murdering Rita Rytka and therefore, is guilty and should be charged for murder.