Larry Ellison, founder and CEO of Oracle Computer, is a very successful and famous businessman in the world. He has vivid personality characteristics when he makes any business decisions. However, there are a lot of people to openly criticized Larry Ellison. Therefore, I would like to use five personality factors to indicate how is Larry Ellison? What ‘s Larry Ellison EQ? First, Larry Ellison has high emotional stability on his business and lives because he has never given up easily to face and solve any terrible situations.

For example, he nearly died in a high-profit yachting race when his boat ran into a hurricane and nearly sank. However, he could win the champion on the race because he has tough personality to win the final result that he wants. I think that Larry Ellison had difficult childhood so that he developed persistent personality in his life. Second, I think that Larry Ellison has lower agreeableness because he always attacked his partners, competitors, and the government in public speech. He always insists his own view and decision on his business.

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Larry Ellison is very difficult cooperation with others. He just knows how to compete and challenge with others. Therefore, there are many competitors and employees to criticize and to argue with Larry Ellison. Third, I think that Larry Ellison is a high extraversion because he would like to express his own views and find any opportunities in order to increase the company’s profit for shareholders and employees. Moreover, Larry Ellison has high-performance person because he is not satisfied until there is no more business to take away from competitors.

He always has higher confidence to win his competitors in order to get the biggest market shares in the database industry. Fourth, I think that Larry Ellison has high conscientiousness, and he also like the employees who have high conscientiousness on their works. For instance, Oracle’s share price has risen by more than 1,000 percent since its initial stock offering in 1986 because Larry Ellison thinks that he has responsibility for all shareholders. In addition, the Oracle’s employees have a chance to get great reward and pay if they provide high performance from their works.

Therefore, I think that conscientiousness is very important personality at Oracle. Lastly, I do not think that Larry Ellison had high openness on his lives. He is very difficult to change his mind and accept others’ opinion. He thinks that he always makes the better decisions than others do; so most people have to follow his rule and steps. However, I think that Larry Ellison should learns to accept more points of view from others in order to create more value and opportunities for Oracle. Base on the EQ concept, we can know that Larry Ellison does not have high EQ on his business and lives.

The high EQ’s person knows how to handle the relationship with others and respects the feedback from others. However, Larry Ellison is always confident of his ability to make better decisions and to control any events very well by himself. In my opinion, Larry Ellison should learn to enhance his the level of EQ on his business so that he can receive more feedback from others in order to expand the whole industry’s market pie. Moreover, he also can see more opportunities and potential value for Oracle.