Case Project I

The changes in equipment that would be required to bring Old-Tech Corporation up to date and solve the shared bandwidth problem would be to change their network scheme. To go from a Star topology to and extended star topology, which their logical topology would be a ring. We would have to buy five wireless nic-cards to start to accommodate the cabling issue in the warehouse as well as a wireless access point and a wireless router.

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Case Project II would do well with a Switched Logical topology using a physical star topology. The Network will be Server based running four or five servers each with a certain task. The network will host at least 250 computers not including the servers with room to accommodate at least 50 more computers for future employees. I will implement a number of switches to accommodate the three or more floors that we need to access.

Case Project III

ENorm Inc. would do well with a Mesh Topology; we would use existing wiring closets to run the new cables needed to setup the network. We would also setup the wireless WAN to connect the two offices together. The network will be server based and will have a separate data base server at each location to handle application and data at each location, but accessible to all who need to have access to it. We would have switches in place to handle the necessary bandwidth we decide to go with.