If there's one thing that this super brutal black - and white feature proves if that hate feeds on anger. It's an influential film with a classic style of its own. If you're into ghetto/urban styles involving vulgar language, brutality and drug abuse, then this is it, spot on! The Music of the Ghetto's with the unbearable tension will glue you to the seats!

The film revolves around three boys, Vinz, Saed and Hubert, and shows a day of their normal lives.

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Vinz (also known as Vincent Cassel - a Jewish skinhead), and a deprived and a disgraces Jew, think he's a brute and hard-hitting, even though the vision of cows get in the way of it. He likes to consider himself as a 'born bad boy'; he admires building up his bad profile and tries to emerge tough in any way. One way he make sure this happens is spending in front of the mirror and acting like he's shooting, and seem to enjoy doing it, which explains why he takes out his anger on other people.

Saed, an Arab and the finest looking one of all three, has a love for motorbikes, this clearly shows in the film when he identifies the motorbike by the sound of its engine. He is a lot more intellectual then the other three and also softer towards people; he doesn't really bother about the pigs as much as Vinz des.

Hubert, the last but not the least he's an African French boxer who is interested in education, he's mostly against Vinz and is not as obsessed in his bad profile as much as Vinz does wither, which explains why he takes off this on boxing.

Pertaining to the recent riots in the suburbs of Paris, Abdel (a friend of the boys) is at hospital left in coma due to the police officers irresponsible action which arouses anger between the people in the community.

Throughout the film a clock projects 10 times (from 10:38 am to 16:01 pm) to show the breakdown of a good society and a volatile friendship between the boys.

Nevertheless, Vinz, Saed, Hubert have their humorous moments throughout the film - "I'll kill you for free!", but as you can see they still had that psychotic mind everywhere they went, and the gun followed them like a death sentence, and troubles brewed wherever they went...and the clock kept ticking and ticking as a time bomb would.

Throughout this film, death doesn't seem to be much of a dilemma, but the film had a spine-tingling and a nerve jangling metaphor repeating itself from the beginning: "How far you fall doesn't matter, its how you land", this hits the target and enthrallers the viewers, after the continuation of the lasting sentence... "So far...so good" screening the image of something falling en route for earth very slowly but steadily.

At the end Vinz becomes a victim of his own actions, Hubert who was a pacifist becomes violent, and Saed becomes the left in the middle of seemingly two battles.

The aim of the film clearly shows that young people should think about the consequences of using guns and drugs, it encourages young people to think about their actions and have an idea of what they want to do in their life.

La Haine is a brutally brilliant work of a genius showing pure job of a mastermind, with terrific acting; with a wicked plot. It will simply rip through you like a bullet!