As a human being, you have many different objects that you own. Some of these objects have a secret meaning to you and some are irrevelant. You have items that will remind you of a wonderful experience, a significant person, or a bad moment in you life. Human beings life to keep some of the items because of a special attachment, however; some just throw them away for personal reasons. In my life, I haved kept different kinds of items that I value and treasure, but one is very special to me. The item I've kept is my wedding band.

It just reminds me that if you put in the effort, you could get anything you set your mind to, you just have to have the motivation and the the final results of your efforts. As well that it was the best and worst moments of my life that I'll never forget. My story begins on October 10th, 2005. I was in middle school, I wanted to have a girlfriend, although; I had a lot of girls in all my classes none of them interested me. During the afternoon I had my Physical Education class or so called P. E. My friend Jorge and I noticed that two new girls appear in our class. Suddenly, I just couldn't get my eyes off this new girl in our class.

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Is like the love fairy came down and struck me with one of her magical arrows. This girl had a wonderful curly dark brown hair, a slim body, and one of those super model smiles from cheek to cheek that makes her brown eyes sparkle like if it was the sun. In my mind, I decided to make her my girlfriend, but I wasn't very confident about it. While staring like a fat kid that has just seen a chocolate cake, my friend Jorge noticed me looking at her and says to me, " Let's make a bet. " Surpriced while I kept on watching that girl smile I answer, "What is this bet about? Jorge responded, "Pick one of those two girls and I'll pick the other one.

Whoever gets the girl first will pick the other punishment. " It took me a while to process that Jorge has asked me. I responded with a confident smile, "Fine! " After making the bet with Jorge, I started planning on how to approach her. I even created scenes in my head of how the conversation will lead to. The following day, I went to approach her. I got close to her to randomly say hello to her, however; she saw me coming and immidiately walked away. I froze, with my hand up in the air and my mouth open about to say hi.

From the distance, I hear a huge laugh, I turn around and I see my friend Jorge laughting on the floor. I looked like a fool. I gave up that day trying to approach her. Wednesday came around, I was dedicated to at least get her name by any means nessesary. I pay close attention to roll call, waiting for her to raise her hand as soon as her name was called. I realize that she was not in class that day. I couldn't believe that in two days I have not made any progress. I go to my friend Jorge and I realize that he's talking to the other girl and laughting together.

I was agravated, I was about to lose this bet. The day went by and Jorge approach me and said, "Nathaly Milan, that's her name. " Confused I responded, "What the hell are you talking about? " Then Jorge said, "The girl that you like, her name is Nathaly Milan. Julia, the girl I'm trying to get told me, they're friends. " I was relieved that at least I got her name. I started to calm down. Suddenly Jorge said, "By the way, I'm winning the bet, I'm already way ahead of you. So get ready. " Thursday came. After roll call, I see that Julia and Nathaly are playing together.

I started to think about how worse can this get. I started to hit my head and decided to go for it. While approach her, I started to get really nervous. As soon as she saw me coming I stopped and said, "Hello Nathaly. " Before I could hear her speak, a football hits me on the side of my head. I collapse on the floor. I sat up with one hand on my face thinkink to myself, "Yeah, this is embarrassing. What a awesome first impression. " I looked up to see Nathaly reaction to what has just happen. When I looked up, I saw her hand and a smile across her face with her eyes looking at me.

At that moment I felt everything was going to be great. Months had passed since that football incident. Nathaly and I became friends, as well as Julia and Jorge. Everything, has been going great recently. The four of us started to spend time together. Jorge and I still had a bet to finish. The first one gets the girl to be their girlfriend wins. Nathaly and I had been flirting with each other for quite some time now, but it hasn't got to the part to make it serious. I was really starting to like this girl a lot more since the day I saw her.

The school year was coming to a end, Jorge and Julia haven't made any progress, no even flirting. While in my case I was ready to make her my girlfriend. Nathaly comes to me and tells me she would like to tell me something tomorrow. I thought to myself what could it be? Tomorrow was the last day of school so it was the perfect chance for me to ask her a important question. The last day of school arrives and I'm feeling really nervous. I was going to ask her to be my girlfriend and I had bought her a little silver pendant with a heart. The class goes smothly. Nathaly and I started talking.

I felt like I was drowning, my heart racing like it was about to beat a world record. I looked at Nathaly and she looked at me. We both tried to say something at the same time. We laugh and I said to her, "You go first. " automatically she said, "Remember I told you that I needed to tell you something. " I responded, "Of course, What is it? " We sat down on some steps of the school. After we sat down she said, "Well, I always though you were some kind of creep because you used to stare at me so much. " I responded with a dissapointed look on my face, "Well, this is the most awkward moment in my life I had so far.

She smiled and said, "Don't worry I don't think that you're some creep anymore, but what I want to tell you is that I'm moving away from Miami Beach. " I felt like my heart skipped a beat for a second. I didn't know how to respond to her. I felt dissapointed and sad, but I got the courage and said to her, "I actually really like you, and it sucks because I been trying so hard to make you my girlfriend. " She responded, "I know you like me, I could tell. I do like you as well. " We both looked at each other with a face of dissapointment. She was moving far away and I was going to stay here without her.

I stood up and told her, "Who knows maybe we will see each other again and continue this. I promise I'll still like you when that time comes and be with you. " She responded with a sad voice, "Yea, maybe. " I couldn't watch her being sad. I pulled the pendant out of my pocket and told her, "This is for you. " She grabbed it and open it. As soon as she noticed what it was her face light up and smiled. She looked up at me with those eyes beautiful brown eyes and said, "Thank you. " Suddenly, I reach in and kissed her and said, "I will always love you I promise. " Then we parted our separate ways after that day.

We lost contact after that. Soon after that Jorge and Julia started dating and were happy with each other, but the bet was canceled. After two long years I still thought of her. One day, I received a message right when I was about to delete my Myspace. I opened it and I smiled with joy. The message said, "Hey there, just wondering do you still remember that promise? If you do here is my number. " After that message we continued where we left off. We ended up having a six year relationship. I decided to join the military after that in order for us to live together.

Finally, we got married. Our marriage lasted barely two years, sadly to say. We don't speak now. All I know of her is that she's happy with another guy. As for me, well all I have are just memories and the wedding band. Things don't always go the way you want them to go. Things will always come to a end and all that remains are the memories. I believe that is all that matters at the end of things. Maybe I am being stubborn in keeping my wedding band on my military chain, but that's all I have left from one of the best experiences of my life.