While obtaining the information for my junior research project I came across something that I felt was a major problem. This problem that I realized is what I am planning on doing for my junior research project. I realized that a certain thing has slowly been wreaking havoc on our communities. This was such an interesting thing because it is the main study of the scientist that I want to be. I realized I want to grow up and be a microbiologist to be those scientists who study bacteria, virus, fungi and the thing that all communities are facing parasites.

I want to be a microbiologist to help our communities and to help aware our fellow man about what’s out there. I feel this job will really help our communities because so many people have pets today and don’t realize what their pets bring into the house every day. The carry ticks, fleas and attract mosquitoes which are some of the main insects to transmit parasites and slowly kill your body from within. This is an important thing to me because I have pets myself and constantly walk them through woods and grasslands.

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They have attracted all kinds of bugs and insects and I haven’t realized how this can affect me, but I plan on changing that. Through knowledge though we can stop and help save our communities and our physical well being. I plan to go off and study one of the most interesting topics that most people look over, I want to study parasites and become a Microbiologist. Microbiologists investigate the growth and characteristics of microscopic organisms such as bacteria, algae, or fungi.

Medical microbiology is perhaps the most well-known because it deals with the roles that microbes have in human illness. Other types include veterinary microbiology, environmental microbiology, and food microbiology. All these deal with the way microbes or microorganisms affect animals, the environment, and the food supply. Parasites kill people every day and are in the process of killing other, but through the eyes of someone who knows about them we can easily defeat them and that is what a microbiologists or I intends to do.