In the movie Jose Rizal the director introduced the scenes and events how did he fight for his country. The scene behind the Noli and El Fili was presented as the whole characteristics of Dr. Rizal. In that movie, Dr. Rizal was clearly proving his self what a real hero is; in heart and mind. All I thought heroes use weapons and skills to deafened what is right and just, like the swords, guns, arrows and etc. But after I watch the movie I was wrong. Being a hero needs a lot of sacrifices in order to gain your honor and to gain justice.

Maybe you don’t notice Rizal use sword to save people and gun to kill corrupt people. The only thing he uses is the feather and ink that serve as the weapon of Rizal. The two hours film demonstrates two version of who Pepe is, also known as Dr. Jose Rizal. Also I learned that he as a human being had difficulties, shortcomings, failures, and bad things in life. Rizal as a person commits mistakes. The film demonstrate the poor condition of the whole Filipino community during the Spanish times. It shows the aggressive government friars, that they use the catholic religion to practice wealth and power.

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Discrimination torture Discrimination, torture, violence, unequal rights, high taxes, corruption, instability of the colonial government, etc. was noted by the author himself. The book was prohibited when the officials discovered it. It is because the novel attacks the church and the government. For that, Rizal was excommunicated. Through that work, many Filipinos were enlightened and inspired; for the first time, his work served as the best way to live the national sentiment. Many organizations and strikes happened and conducted, such as the Katipunan which led by Andres Bonifacio.

Another novel, the " El Filibusterismo," once again, was shaken the Spaniards, this time, the book affected greatly towards them. These portraits Simoun (Rizal) were now fighting for the Filipino (than in Noli). But his ( Simoun's ) strategies didn't work. Soon after his tactics, he was shot and was committed suicide. I think Rizal is the bravest person in his times, he is not definitely afraid of the government friars. He is afraid of nothing! Nothing to do with the corrupted and aggressive friars. He never stops writing, he always gives us clue on how our country is being abused and played by the friars.

Before he was punish to death he never forget his family and friends, he walked with the rosary in his hands that symbolizes that he is a real son of God. He believe that God will guide him in the right path and after he was shot he turn around to show that he is ready to die for the sake of his country. Through his works and writings touched the Filipino heart and made him a hero. No one except Rizal had a great impact against the Spaniards and the Filipinos. No Filipino during that time like him was greatly exalted and respected and highly opponent of the government.