Johnny Isakson is a prominent politician in the United States of America who is currently the senator of Georgia since 2005 and had served in the past as a congress man of the 6th congressional district in Georgia for 6 years. Johnny Isakson is a man with a long training history in politics and real estate business whose path to power was marked with many challenges (Dyhouse, 2005). As public servant, a family man and businessman, he has confirmed his competency in political leadership and devotion to have things right for the well being of the people of the United States of America.

It is in this interest therefore this term paper is written. It focuses on describing the historical background of Johnny Isakson and his achievements as a senator and a congressman. It also highlights some of his responsibilities in various committees in the congress and senate as well as giving reasons as to why he is considered a conservative. Johnny Isakson the son of a bus driver Greyhound is a Swedish American of the second generation and was born in Atlanta Georgia. As a family man, he has a wife and three children and lives in Marietta (Dyhouse, 2005).

Between 1966 and 1972, he was serving the Georgia Air National Guard where he climbed the ladder to become a staff sergeant before he left service. Johnny Isakson’s business career can be traced back to 1967 when he opened the first cobb office of Northside Reality which was a small real estate owned by the family. He proceeded to become the president of Northside Reality, a famous real estate firm in Atlanta, for 20 years (Herald, 2009). During this period, he saw through the growth and development of this firm into one of the largest, prominent, independent, and one of the most respected real estate company in America.

Johnny Isakson graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in 1966 and is a Methodist by religion (United States Senate, 2010). He started his political career in 1974 where served as a Georgia legislature for more than 17 years and then proceeded to become the chairman of the Georgia board of education for 3 years. Johnny Isakson started his political career in 1974 when he joined the republican politics in an eastern cobb county district for the race of Georgia House of Representatives which he lost but claimed the seat later during the 1976 election (OpenCongress, 2010).

He retained this seat for seven good terms. During this period, he served as a leader of the minority. In 1990, he ran for the governor seat in Georgia under the Republican Party and ended up losing it to the democratic candidate Zell Miller. The Georgia senate seat was declared vacant in 1996. He declared his candidature as a republican but his stand as an abortion rights activist did not go down well with the people of Georgia who as republicans, were against abortion (Whorunsgov. com, 2010).

Although his opponent won the republican nomination, he did not meet the majority vote rule and both of them went for a run up which he lost. The nominated republican candidate, Millner, lost to the democratic candidate Max Cleland. In 1998, Newt Gingrich the congressman of the 6th Georgia district and the speaker of the house declared his willingness to vacate the seat and Johnny Isakson run for the seat still under the republican candidature and won (United States Senate, 2010). He remained as a congressman for this district until 2002 without facing any serious challenges in his re election.

By 2003, an election race for a senate in Georgia was set after the then appointed democrat Zell miller declared his willingness to run for the seat on a full term. Johnny Isakson was opportunistic enough to through his candidature in the race under the republic party. He was quick enough to get endorsed by the republicans in Georgia who were firmly established under the leadership of the former republican senator Paul Coverdell and by then the republican president of the United States of America George W Bush.

He was also supported by miller and conservative Georgia Christian coalition due to his strong approach to social issues. Despite his strong stand on the abortion rights, Johnny Isakson easily won the nomination and proceeded to defeat the democratic opponent. He is still the senator and reliable sources have it that he will be running for re election in 2010 (Eckenrode, 2006). Johnny Isakson seems to have changed his perception and stand towards some social issues. For instance, he changed his stand on abortion rights and became a strong pro life (Kemper, 2006).

He strongly condemned the gay marriage and stood for the pro gun rights. Like President Bush, he influenced his followers with a policy of creating a culture which respects life As a senator of Georgia, Johnny Isakson is honored to serve in different committees in the senate. One of them is the committee on foreign relations which has the mandate of overseeing the funding of foreign programs aimed at helping the foreign countries. It also confirms the occupation of senior positions in the department of state.

Johnny Isakson serves as a ranking minority member in the sub committee of African affairs (Stephey, 2008). Still he is a member of the committee on commerce, science and transportation which is given the mandate of overseeing matters involving science and technology as well as communication and transportation affairs. In this committee, Johnny Isakson represents the republican on employment and workplace safety subcommittee. He is still the vice chairman of the selected committee on ethics and a member of the veterans and small business and entrepreneurship committees.

Johnny Isakson has received several awards in his life time as a political leader. For instance, he was rated A rating by the National Taxpayers Union and awarded the Paul Coverdell statesman Award from the Republican Party in Georgia. The council for citizens against government waste recognized his effort and awarded him the Taxpayer Hero Award (The Washington Post, 2010). The family research council and focus on family reorganized him as the true blue member of congress as well as the working mother magazine who also recognized his leadership and credited him as the best of the congress.

The Christian coalition of Christians gave him a rating of 92 out of 100 and his conservativeness won him a 100 rating by the American Conservative Union as well as a declaration of being among the top seven most conservative senators by the National journal (The Washington Post, 2010). Reliable sources have it that Johnny Isakson is preparing to give an alternative solution to the stem cell bill which will see through the development and creation of a society as well as a culture that respects life by not destroying the human embryo.

Still to be noted here is the Isakson’s struggle to establish the Isakson principle which depicted his strong stand on the border security and the immigration issues (Whorunsgove. com, 2010). He is credited for his effort to prevent the lawful recognition of the status of any individual who immigrates into the country illegally as well as the creation of temporally working programs for them unless the president and the congress are notified by the appropriate personnel that such security provisions have been implemented.

This principle has earned him a lot of criticism from immigration advocates. On the issue of economic restoration, Johnny Isakson was on the fore front of influencing the congress to first analyze the reasons which led to the collapse of the USA economy before embarking on the process of legislating the procedure of pulling America out the global economic crisis. He introduced a bill, which was later endorsed as a law to set an inquiry team which had to be given the mandate of analyzing the circumstance which set the country off into the pit of economic crisis (Congress. rg, 2010). His long trailing experience in the real estate industry was evidenced when he introduced and saw through the passing of a legislation which gave a tax credit to individuals who were willing to by homes. He underscored the fact that his experience in dealing with recession dictated that it all started with the collapse of the real estate and strengthening the housing market was the only way out.

In addition to this, Johnny Isakson was on the fore front of pushing for the permanent implementation of the tax cut bill and the elimination of estate tax, which was aimed at improving the living standards of the people by giving them a chance to save much of their earning (Cabanela, 2009). Further to this, he introduced the two year budget cycle legislation which enabled the congress to keep track on the proceedings of the government programs.

This legislation gave the congress the responsibility and power to amend the budget after the first one year if it was not satisfied by the government proceedings (Cabanela, 2009). This legislation enhanced transparency, accountability and commitment of the government in using the public money. In his struggle to enhance the well being of the American people, Johnny Isakson contributed a lot in pushing for the precise definition of laws governing pension benefits so that the promises made by the employers to the employee remained unaltered and were fulfilled.

He influenced the congress to come up with a legislation which will safe guard the nations labor force while still appreciating the employers willingness to provide pension programs to their workers (The Washington Post, 2010). Johnny Isakson is undoubtedly a conservative. This is evidenced by the several awards and recognition he has received as a political leader. For instance, the National Journal declared him the 7th of the conservative senator in the senate and an A rating by the National Rifle Association.

In conclusion therefore, Johnny Isakson is a prominent politician who has contributed much to the well being of the American people both as senator and a congressman of Georgia. His path to power was not easy but through determination, he managed to serve as congressman for 7 terms and now as a senator. The above discussion depicts him as a conservative whose interest is to promote the well being of the American people.