Introduction: Being a investigating officer I have been asked to submit a report on suicide attacks on religious places that occured recently. Report: Suicide attacks on the religious places has been the scourge of the last quater century. As religious places have great importance for their devotees. Religious places may be the places of muslims,christians and may be the places of other religion obyers. All the religions of the world have their religious places. Religious place may be called the place from where that religion orginates or where the God drunk belivers whom god had blessed with extra qualities took shelter.

Then these places became the devine places for other devotees. Whenever they came under threat of suicide attacks the devotees put themselves gathered against that threat untill the danger seize. last week some religious places of muslims have been aimed terribly. A lot of people left their lives on the blasted spot. The places where bomb attacks caused a lot of loss are describe as follows. Kotle in D. I. Khan: Kotle is actually a religious place of Ahle-Tashi brothers. Every year their is a procession which starts from the internal streets of d. i. han and seize at Kotle in the memory of Hazrat Imam Hussain.

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Last week when people asusual took out a procession in Muharamul haram. A person weighing with suicide bomb jacket entered in a procession and blasted itself. in this way hundreds of people expired at the spot and other got serious injuries. Government paid a lot of wealth to people due to poor security system. in this way the economy of our country decreased.

Bomb Blast in data ganj baksh: Recently a suicide bomb attact occured at the shrine of data ganj baksh. it was a terrible sight to see. he same case repeated at this spot as in d. i. khan but the impact of this bomb blast was very horrible. High flames of fire rose from every side half of the people were moaning miserably. devotees got a huge damage e. g their family also their relatives they lost every one. Firing in Dahki islamic intitution: Here the muslim childern gain islamic teachings like Learning Holy Quran and other relevant islamic teachings. The terrorist aimed at this spot because this is basic centre in the dhaki. The new growing youth were badly killed by firing.

Parents were weaping at the death of their children because they were their future supporters. Here a great loss of islamic pillars caused a gloomy and dreadful sight on parents. Estimated loss due the attacks:As the bomb blast caused a lot of damage to everything. Besides the destruction of shrines and nearby houses a lot of human lives expired. A lot of national machinery got damaged and to recover this loss government paid a lot of wealth. This decreased the national treasure. In this way our country's economy decreased. This is the important loss for every country .

If the country is economically strong then it can prosper fastly. many industries can be planted. Security measures: a bomb blast can take place only in two ways 1. if the security is not tight 2. if there is a spy of a particular authority. In the given situation security was not tight. This was a weak step of government which not only create disturbance in people but also government suffered from this. The bomb blaster entered in these three cases in procession due to the neglegence of security guards. Suggestions: Following suggestions are proceed as follows.