A diet is meant to be an empowering life choice that can help someone lose weight and feel better on a daily basis. While some healthy eating plans do accomplish those goals, others do more harm than good. There Are Different Ways Of Unhealthy Eating.

For Example: -Binging on desserts, snacks and fast food is one of the most common diet habits. A less common, but also dangerous habit is depriving yourself of the proper amount of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and calories that the body needs to survive. -Over-exercising and eating too many items from just one or two food groups are other unhealthy habits. What are common causes of unhealthy eating habits?

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There are many causes of unhealthy eating. Some examples of circumstances that may lead to unhealthy habits include: * Dysfunctional family situation, such as divorce, single parent, or foster care. * Family not eating meals together

* Lack of knowledge about what is healthy to eat * Busy schedule * Extreme amounts of travelling * Lack of desire to eat healthy * Poverty * Depression and other emotional extremes

Factors which affect a person’s way of eating -Advertising Nowadays, our daily life is full of advertisements, and it is inevitable for us to choose what to eat with consideration of advertisements. Advertisements are responsible for unhealthy eating habit, but they also have positive influence on eating habits. They also give public promotion for healthy food. It depends on the individual whether he wants to buy junk food or healthy food. For example, usually a person will not consider advertisements when he chooses from milk and cola, but he will when he chooses cola from Coca and Pepsi. -Time

Many people would not want to take the time to prepare a meal, cook the food in a healthy way and clean up afterwards but they would rather buy and eat some fast food, which is often considered as a synonym of "junk food" which is quicker and even tastier but unhealthy for them. People don't consider that the time they spend in gyms to burn off the extra fat they consumed could have been spent in the kitchen by properly preparing healthy food. Work schedules and economic pressures often make meal planning and preparation a low priority. Nowadays, people form bad eating habits partly owing to the hurry and bustle in their daily life. -Effort

Finding healthy options takes effort. Going to the grocery store takes more work than driving through the fast-food window. Choosing and preparing healthy fruits and vegetables requires some effort; if eating healthy were effortless, more people would do it. Cooking and washing dishes afterward is harder than throwing away the paper bag.

-Cost Price of choosing healthy food is an important cause of unhealthy eating habits. People may be aware of healthy food, but they just cannot afford it.

- Wrong concept of beauty in modern society

There is the saying "being slender is being beautiful" in fashion industry that misleads people, especially young women, to follow an over-diet trend. Those young ladies tend to lose weight by refusing to eat even though they are hungry or by throwing up what they've already eaten right after the meals. Lacking time for meals is another significant reason for developing unhealthy eating habits.


Fast food taste better than homemade healthy food sometimes. When you are thirsty, a soda may taste better than water to some. But there are healthier, lower-fat alternatives. Add lemon or other fruits to your water to improve taste without sugar and additives. Add flavour to your sandwich with mustard instead of mayonnaise or salad dressing.


Sometimes foods sold as healthy choices are not so healthy, and other foods thought to be unhealthy are not so bad. Liver must be good for you because it tastes bad and mother made you eat it, but yet it can be high in cholesterol and fat. Pizza is often thought of as a junk food, but some of the ingredients are healthy. There is a general confusion about the healthfulness of many foods.

- Work load

Heavy work load exerts a negative influence on eating habits. Some people are so busy that they have little time to eat; some other people just take work priority to meals, and they would not like to eat until they finish their work.

To sum up, although unhealthy eating habits are kind of attributable to advertisement, it is not the main cause.