An Asian man was found dead in his Irvine residence late last night, while his wife was arrested due to suspicion, according to the Irvine Police Department. Around 11:30 last night, the police received a call from Sandra Kim, the victim’s wife stating that she had found her husband dead on the kitchen floor. Paramedics along with the Irvine police arrived at the home on the 600th block of Birch Street in Irvine. Police confirmed that a man with multiple gun shot wounds was found dead in the home.

He has been identified as 47-year-old Robert Kim. Officers began to question the victims wife, Sandra Kim, 42, who began to tell police that the murder was probably one of his enemies due to the “unethical business dealings and unpaid debts” her husband was part of. The police at the crime scene noticed that there was no sign of forced entry and that the “killer had easy access to the home”. They also found a . 38 caliber handgun in the backyard.

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Police stated that Mrs. Kim admitted to her false account of the event. She began to admit the difficulties that her and her husband were having and that night she had gone out for some drinks with friends. She arrived home to her angry husband and claimed that he had been abusive to her especially in the last six months. Mrs. Kim stated that she had gone to the restroom to grab the handgun she had hidden in case he wanted to assault her.

When she came back to him she warned him and said she was not afraid to shoot. According to Mrs. Kim, this angered her husband and he attacked her, which made her shoot. The couple have two children, ages eight and ten that are waiting to be taken in by their relatives but for now they are in custody of Children’s Protective Services Sandra Kim has been arrested and is being charged with first-degree murder along with illegal possession of a handgun, reports the Irvine Police Department.