Information Technology is widely used for faster and easier way of transaction and communications. It is also used in managing the operation undertaken by the business. It is a great help to every establishment that undergoes with different operations. Almost all business firms, schools and other institutions, computers have significant impact in their works.

People rely on computer for efficient and effective way to handle different loads and task most especially for business who are working with sales, inventorying as well as accounting. Some business used ledgers, journals in managing their transactions. These are composed of different activities which are integrated to work in a particular objective. The journals and ledgers are kept in a safe place for security purposes which are gathered for future use and may be pulled out any time if it is needed. But with the use of information technology, this kind of process will be lessen and procedures on handling their transactions would be easier and the process of keeping the records will be shorten.

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The proponents target for the research is one of the Furniture House in Lipa. This is SylPaulJoyce Furniture House. The business has many computer programs but one if their problem is for accounting of their sales. They are in need for an upgrade for this section.

The proposed system would answer their problems in accounting products for sales as well as the security. This would produce reliable generation of reports needed by the business.

Background of the Study The SylPaulJoyce Furniture and Lighting Decors Store was known as “the cheapest and biggest furniture store” in Southern Tagalog. It was established on 2005 and was located at Brgy. Sabang, Lipa City, Batangas. It was handled by a corporation. Since it was started as small furniture shop and because of the faster modernization of our society, they moved to a wider place and started to build a new building of furniture shop which was also located at Brgy. Sabang, Lipa City. The newly constructed building was built in August 8, 2008 with newly arrived furniture, lighting decorations and a lot more. As of now, there are 24 branches which were successfully operating and offering the cheapest, finest and class A home-style depot across the Southern Tagalog.

Theoretical Framework Integration of technology and global innovation in the basic and general means of transactions among all business have attracted small and large business owner with the aim of raising the quality of their transaction and empowering their operation. In locality having computer program are introduced in business that makes use of innovative and integrative modes of operation.

Sales and Inventory System, being a dynamic process can be effective vehicle in continuing business progression. Through the skill full business management of system, the implementation of the standard computer system would be articulated into better one that would exactly answers their operational needs. Computer System Innovation has become a new concern in every business transaction not only in local but also global.

Conceptual Framework The proponents of the proposed system would apply the IPO (Input-Process-Output) chart model so that the desired characteristic would be understood easily. The purpose of the study is to promote a high quality standard and fast processing in accounting sales and in working financial statement. The proponents believe that that implementation of the study will make it more effective and efficient considering that the computer is a high-speed machine that could perform multiple tasks at easier way. It can perform the same task more efficient. In this study, the user of the system will encode all transaction report to be stored in the database which all does the automatic computation that will give accurate results. The beneficiaries of this study will be the accounting section in sales of SylPaulJoyce as well as the researcher.