The use of intranets within an organization such as Dirt Bikes’ will prove to be beneficial in increasing sales, communication between employees, vendors, suppliers and up-to-date information. Human resources, sales and marketing, manufacturing and production are all teams that will benefit from this service. Along with intranet, Dirt Bike teams will also be able to use other Internet tools that will be benefit the company. Wireless access is also recommended for the intranet benefiting the organization and employees.

The Intranet enables the company to integrate data from customers and vendors incorporating their own business process finding the best solutions. Employees are able to access the information from anywhere other than just within the facility. The ease of use is very promising and unlike older systems everyone can be on the same system. The intranet, unlike the Internet is an internal system within a company allowing access to all employees from a central point within the organization. Giving the ability to provide and receive information to suppliers and vendors making transactions simple.

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Putting your organization and employees to a specific target and the ability to share information about what needs to happen within the company to be successful. Information is updated instantly and then attainable for everyone within the internal network including globalization; leading to integration of the company. Intranets are fast, easy to use and consistent with your company and the information within. Receiving information from outside sources allows you to plan better for the expected demand of products. In regard to Dirt Bikes’ the company can also access the different areas and what trends are improving sales.

Researching information also of target prices in those areas to ensure they will be able to sell them and what needs to be built. Constant updating the site will also show that the company is on top of the game making customers feel more comfortable with purchasing the product and that the company is up-to-date with the trends and needs of the customer. Improving the sales and marketing team with intranet allows the company to receive sales forecast and reports so you can plan for upcoming projects and product success in the past. It stores the sales contacts nabling fast access to these customers when needed. With intranet you are able to do competitor research finding the newest innovations to keep up with the trends to produce the best Dirt Bike. Your sales team is able to collaborate with one another within the organization including the global network. Keeping track of troubleshooting problems so the company is able to correct problems and attempt to be more efficient in these areas. Intranets help to improve and create websites to best suit your customers needs and advertising the most current products.

Customers are concerned about time and how rapidly their items will be received, with an intranet you are also able to accept payments and customers are able to track their purchases as well. This eases the buying experience in the online world along with a bonus of saving paper and time. Databases are also able to be created enabling the sales and marketing team to track people that have visited the site and what pages they are visiting more frequently. Watching your competitors and their products can also aid you in finding more innovative ideas to create new and better products.

Human resources can benefit by having the ability to view the employee’s production rate, success within the company, also allowing direct communication with employees. This can help to ensure effective management of employees. The intranet can be utilized to keep track of time from employees, scheduling, labor and demand to get projects done. Also to benefit human resources keeping track of how much time the employees are spending on the Internet versus the phone, what areas are the most successful in relaying information.

This is helpful within the sales field to see how the customers more comfortable. Tracking Internet time as well to ensure the employees are on task instead of personal issues not related to work. Employees can also track their own payroll information through their own private network eliminating time from contacting human resources; again time is saved on both sides. Procedure manuals can be posted for employees and customers to save time in this area. Manufacturing and production is essential when estimating lead times to customers.

The Intranet enables the company to see exactly where they are to give accurate times to potential customers to ensure accurateness in timing. Utilizing the extranet which is the source that supplies some information with the suppliers and vendors, ensuring that products needed to make sure that the Dirt Bikes’ products are available. Manufacturing is crucial when implementing a plan to produce goods from the machines, tools and labor to produce the product. Within the intranet it makes it possible to know how much labor is needed, machine and tool availability and ongoing projects in process.

With the extranet and the ability to have up-to-date pricing along with finding if the suppliers have the materials needed. If unavailable you have the potential to search for these materials at other locations to ensure the order can be placed. With the amount of benefits from the intranet, the Internet can provide some useful tools as well to enhance the business. Saving money and budgeting is obviously a plus, with videoconferencing it allows people within the company to meet and chat globally. Immediate conferences needed to discuss plans to benefit the business are possible.

With trends changing constantly you are able to stay up-to-date and work with colleagues to come up with innovating ideas using expertise from several people at one time. Instead of having to travel it can be done in a more efficient way, time saved is money saved to allowing a company to meet the economic needs of their customers. Videoconferencing can also help with troubleshooting, between customers giving them extra feelings of security. Instant messaging allows the company to provide immediate answers to customers, employees, and other teams within a network.

For instance if a customer had a question in regard to the Dirt Bike and instant chat could be initiated helping the customer with their questions in a timely manner. Long term this could prevent them from going elsewhere to get product assistance. Also answering questions may need to involve other departments that can better answer the customer, instant messaging allows this to be done within the company too. Saving time and when time is saved so is expenses and costly labor. You are also able to track use from videoconferencing and instant messaging to know what areas need to be enhanced to better serve your customers.

The decision to choose wireless access opposes wired networks that are accessible through a fixed location. Connection through wired networks utilizing an Ethernet cable is quite inexpensive, unlike wireless access can cost three to four times more than wired networks. The advantages in the long term will surpass the cost from money saved through the intranet. The wireless access allows you to integrate all departments having mobile access to the applications pertaining to the business and the internal network resources.

When going from one network to another you still have the capability to have access to the company’s network. Whether you are in the office or at home, access is available. Security is an issue when deciding to choose wireless access rather than a wired network; depending on the security needed you are able to add the appropriate security features. Wireless sensor networks can be beneficial to your company which tracks the traffic within the website, monitors supply chain management, and operates machinery, environment changes and other sources that are needed.

Incorporating intranet, wireless access, videoconferencing, instant messaging other sources can be very promising to the company. Considering all the tools is used appropriately and training is implemented. Sales will be increased, employee relationships are established, and Internet tools are used. Keeping track of your data, business process, customers, vendors, supply and demand and being connected with everyone within your internal network will ensure success in your business. It’s is hard make decisions without the left hand knowing what the right hand is doing. These simple processes allow these things to happen.

It may be costly and time consuming a first but the end result can only increase sales, leading you to your target markets and ensuring that your manufacturing and production are working together to provide the products needed for the boost in business. Bottom line a company’s plans for success; these things are essentials in the ever growing wave of the future. New technology may be created but staying up-to-date will enable you to keep up with the needs of today’s customers. Understanding that cost may be a factor in the beginning, but the expense can be recovered within all aspects of your company gaining a larger profit.