In fact, there is a change in fashion trends, and almost every six months. This has an important role in the fashion industry in India has increased dramatically. The present increase in economic growth in India was an important influence on changes in fashion. Consciousness and the average purchasing power have caused a sudden explosion. The input of the computer industry is rapidly changing labor market and culture.

Notable is the need to wear comfortable clothes during the long hours led to a change in overall demand for office wear) (which includes casual wear. Popular Indian past was mainly limited to different types Saris and mid-20th century was to see some changes. Production in India is considered by the style in the western Indian fashion. The Indo-Western style is a blend of modernity and tradition. This is a merger of the salwar (which was a modified Kurti) and low average jeans. Another traditional dress of India that women symbolize is Sari.

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Even if there were many variations of the cuts and patterns Saris, but Such clothes are very similar to the old. Sari usually worn a simple dress of Indian women that is today in favorable circumstances such as weddings and celebrations. It is a ritual of wearing a Sari woman on the day of her marriage. Saris with different types of fabrics and design (in some cases, as with Benarasi) are woven by hand. Some of the most popular types of Indian sarees are Benarasi, Kanjeevaram, Bandhej, Chanderi, Chikan, Hakob, and textiles, Baluchari, Patola, Phulkari and Parsi Saris.

Another very popular Indian dress is the salwar. The trend of clothes from the states of Punjab and Kashmir developed. Gradually, the trend has been extended in length and breadth of the country's new style and grace. Many varieties and types of salwar fashion market observed some influence of Western culture and others still hold the traditional beauty. As Sari, salwar is also a variety of fabrics and embellishments.

In all these cases, the woman works, the Indian designers fashion. There lost a few that go beyond attention to the importance of the growing number of women in India Jobs Now Features. There no professional designer India produces material for working women - including handbags, sunglasses, heels and even comforting - than women as much power as it sinks pleasure.

When it comes to fashion for men, are the traditional Kurta pajamas yet to picture. Although used many materials, designs and decorations for the design of clothing, the schedule changed with fashion trends. Westernisation brought fashion jeans, trousers and codrois. The availability of fabrics and colors has changed over time. What is new is always welcome to come, but even today the men wear designer Kurta Pajama Kurta dhoti or for special occasions and celebrations of charm and elegance, add their personalities.

Although India is influenced by Western culture, people are attracted to the border of beautiful and distinctive styles and fashion trends in India. Indian clothing has a great influence on the international fashion world.