The skills I find to be the most important in life and education are the following, and why they are important. Organization is a very important skill to have. It allows you to be more efficient and get more work done in less time. You’re able to find things that you want, it also helps when you want to impress someone. Time Management is the ability to separate the important from the unimportant, which is a much needed skill in all walks of life, especially where there are ever increasing opportunities and distractions. Problem- solving is where we all have to make decisions.

Whether you're a student, a parent, a businessperson, or the president of the United States, you face problems every day that need solving. Relationship networking in a world dominated by constant innovation and information exchange, relationship networking creates the channel through which ideas and information flow, and in which new ideas are shared, discussed and perfected. A large relationship network, carefully cultivated, can be leveraged to meet the right people, find jobs, build businesses, learn about new trends, spread ideas, etc.

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Self- Discipline is the ability to focus and overcome distractions. It involves acting according to what you think instead of how you feel in the moment. It often requires sacrificing the pleasure and thrill for what matters most in life. Therefore it is self-discipline that drives you to succeed in the long-term. In my life I believe that I have most of the skills I listed above. Organization is one that in my life has helped me so much. When I was younger my mom always kept a clean and organized home. I believe that’s where I get a lot of organization from.

As of right now I am in school and also have a full-time job. With going in so many directions I have to keep organized when it comes to papers due for school to paperwork at work that needs to be filed or papers that need gone through and filed. Time Management is also a good skill to have, now I have to admit I do have but I need a lot of work when it comes to time management. I am very good when it comes to my school, but put papers off till late minute. I will do outlines for the chapters ahead of time and I will do a rough draft but to sit and type a paper and go over it I will wait till last min.

This is also how self- discipline fits in there because, if I had more self – discipline I would also do better with time management. I think that I am good when it comes to problem- solving. Over the years I have made a lot of decisions both large and small, school and work. Deciding between what was good for me now vs. what will be good for me in the future. This is another one that I feel my mom has helped me with when it comes to developing a problem- solving system. Last but yet one of the most important would be relationship networking. In this I believe that my mother and father had a large role in.

They taught me to be social and outgoing, they had me in school sports and also at the local YMCA. When I got older, I was just a social person, and got to meet different people from different walks of life. This helped me in my school, personal and professional life. I use relationship networking now when it comes to filing paperwork and getting to meet and know the court clerks, judges, even the officers at the court houses. I am entering the field of Criminal Justice and then plan on going to Law School in which both of these I will have to use all five (5) skills together.

Some other skills that would be good to have when entering the field are Communications skill, Strong social skills, Attention to Detail, Powers of Observation, Critical Thinking, and Memory. I am only in the beginning of schooling and I have years of schooling to go. I still need to learn some more of the basics in the Criminal Justice field and also in Law School. I have a lot of improving to do when it comes to Time Management and Self- Discipline. Overall there is a lot of skills you need in life and I have only listed a few that I feel are important.

Organization, Time Management, Problem- Solving, Relationship Networking, and Self- Discipline. Just keep in mind to keep organized in your life. Always use your time in the timely manner. If you ever come to a big problem go through and think before making that final decisions, also get to know people because one day you may need that person or they may become your boss. After all this I know what I have to improve on before entering into my field of Criminal Justice, or even attending Law School.