When you lose something then only you realize the value of that particular thing in your life. Just thinking of mothers going on a strike brings a chill down my spine.. My mother is the finest lady for me... Her smiling face brings a smile on faces of everybody around, she is the image of God's love, and mercy... How can we afford to let her go on a strike? The proverb" east or west, home is the best" is true to hilt. Our home is no less than paradise because of our selfless mother. It would be in a complete mess without her.

Mothers are the ones who have utmost influence on family members. She guides, directs, leads and inspires us. We pick up values and principles from our mother, without her we would be like good for nothing. We are all aware of the influence of Jija Mata on Shivaji's childhood and his future glorious destiny, Mother cooks the food, cleans the house, washes the clothes, and keeps the house spick and span. So much work yet no complain. It is when she goes on a strike that we realize that how hard it is to do all this work.

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It is when she goes on a strike that we realize how hard it is to step into her shoes, Instead of the fragrance of the mogra flowers that she daily picks up, with out her our day would begin with the smell of burning bread, To continue further my eyes would meet a crumpled stack of uniforms in place of neatly ironed and pressed clothes. The small valuable things that she keeps running to do for me tell me how costly her strike can prove for me... infact all of us. I just can't bear the thought of having stale cold food instead of her hot steaming dishes on which I always have unnecessary comments to make.

The thought of mothers putting up a strike makes us realize her importance and necessity in out life. Whatever good qualities we have, we owe to our mothers. Mother is an ideal teacher, store house of knowledge and wisdom, friend, philosopher as well as guide-an unique combination, she has made great contribution in making and shaping out personalities and character, Her necessity can be compared to that of salt in food and oxygen in environment, Her strikes can be a great headache for us. Napoleon truly said"the future destiny of the child is always the work of mother. "