It is important that when Observing and recording you of selecting the appropriate method to suit desired aim of the observation it. We do observations to help look at the different areas of development i.e. physical, intellectual, emotional, and social.

Each method has its limitations and there is no one method which can provide you with all the info you need. You can find out if you are meeting needs of the through play and learning opportunities which you’re providing them.

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Different methods include of observations include:

•Running records diary are kept show day to day activities helpful for parent / cares of non verbal children or children with learning difficulties.

•Snapshot observations brief descriptions of what a child is doing it can be useful because no pre is needed it can be used to record any area of development disadvantages observations are not continuous you cannot observe and observe what is going on whilst writing .

•Target child focus on one child over a set period of time disadvantage is that you must be selective about what you record .event recording, good for clue to behaviour, perceived problem must map out the event sample to capture the information you are seeking out

•Free description portrait of what he child is doing, good for observing situations closely, but quite intensive process, use a note pad recording as much as possible what’s relevant/important

•Time sample like free description may be a odd day /significant behaviour. you can use them to pick out certain skills and to focus on development .can provide alot of information on a child disadvantage are significant behaviour may fail to be recoded outside of the allocated time slot, it can be difficult to do anything other than record.

•Check list charts closed recoding method, , large areas of a child development .the main disadvantage is that the observer is forced to make a decision about the child is, a chance for bias is there is a particular interest in child . good for recording large groups of children , are easy to use and they same actions on the tick list can be carried out at a later date to show the level of the Childs progression. Disadvantage often this type of check focuses on what skills a child is showing but does not look at confidence or happiness whilst doing the task.

•Anecdotal, observations are not viewed by another party i.e. a parent or another pupil you add what you have been informed of into the child’s files it can help to keep development records up to date can help you to learn about children in different situation's.

It is importance that you of selecting the appropriate method to help reach your purpose. When caring out an observation you should carry out the type of observations to suit desired aim of it.

Each method has its limitations and there is no 1 method which can provide you with all the info you need.