On a clear day you can see for miles from the top of Angels Peak. I love to stand alone with the wind in my hair, the smell of the sea as it breaks on the rocks below me and the wild flowers all around me.

I live in a small cottage at the bottom of Angels Peak. Just me, no one else. No one even comes to visit since the night the angels spread their wings.

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18 years ago Mr. and Mrs. Donald brought a young girl into this world. They called her Genevieve. She was a good girl who always went to school and handed her homework in on time. Genevieve never caused her parents any heartache and was never in trouble with the local police. Everything was fine until her 18th birthday. That was when she met her true love for the first time.

" Hi " The man said to Genevieve.

" Hello " Genevieve replied shyly.

" What's your name? " He asked with a smile.

" Genevieve, but you can call me Gen " She said.

" Hello Jen, I'm Damien " He replied.

Weeks went by, Damien and Genevieve became close, and they fell in love with each other. One night they walked and played to the top of Angels Peak. Genevieve wanted to talk to Damien.

They never came back in the flesh again.

In the village, Genevieve's parents were sitting quietly watching T.V. awaiting their daughter's return.

Knock! Knock! Went the front door.

" Hello " Mrs. Donald said, as she opened the door.

" Mrs. Donald? " A policeman asked with a solemn face.

" Please come in, is anything wrong? " Mrs. Donald asked.

" There has been an accident " The policeman replied.

" Genevieve!! Where's Genevieve? What's happened to my daughter? " Mr. Donald demanded.

" Genevieve and Damien have..." The policeman looked down, "...they have jumped off Angels Peak. I'm very sorry but they are dead. "

" NO " Mrs. Donald cried

Mr. Donald fell to the floor and cried " Not my baby ".

Rumors went around the village, some said they were killed, others said she was pregnant. Myself, I don't know what was true but I wanted to find out. Two years have passed since that unfortunate night and still their souls or essence of life walk this planet. They can be heard still on the anniversary of their death. This year I wanted to know what had really happened that night on Angels Peak.

It's seven pm., I can hear their voices in the distance.

" Ha! Ha! Ha! Come on Gen " A faint distant voice shouted.

" Wait for me Damien " Genevieve replied, laughing in a ghostly voice.

I put my coat on and followed the voices silently to the top of Angels Peak.

" Damien. Where are you? " She calls.

" BOO " Damien jumps out from behind a nearby bush.

" Oh Damien, you scared me! " She said, in a seductive voice.

" I'm sorry babe " He smiles as he places his arms around her and kisses her passionately.

" I have something to tell you, " she said " Sit down "

" What's wrong? " Damien asked

" I'm pregnant " She smiled

" That's brilliant! " He shouted, as he jumped up. " Marry me Gen. I love you " Damien pleaded with love.

" NO!! " A deep voice bellowed from behind them. A dark figure appeared, no more than a shadow.

" I wont allow it, " He snapped

The man, the shadow, pushed Damien off the edge of Angels Peak, where he fell to his watery grave. Genevieve screamed, " I will never forgive you " Then she jumped over the edge.

Who was the man? He still lives.

I became obsessed with who the shadow was. I had a list of names on a scrap piece of paper. Carl Peterson, Genevieve's' ex-boyfriend, was top of the list.

Tomorrow it will be three years since Damien was killed and Genevieve took her own life and that of their unborn child.

I will know tomorrow.

" Look at this darling!! " Mrs. Donald said

" What is it? " asked Mr. Donald

Mr. And Mrs. Donald read all about the man who pushed Damien and about Genevieve jumping. The trap was set, all I had to do was wait for the murderer to take the bait.

I took my place under a bush where I could see and waited for the night's events. Nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to see.

I hear Genevieve and Damien coming. The same words again. He will hide and scare her in a moment.

" BOO "

SNAP!!! Oh God, I should have moved those twigs.

" Who's there? " Genevieve asked

I was shocked. " What? " I said slowly

" Who is it? " Damien demanded

" Me " I replied, as I stood up and walked into the clearing.

" I know you " She said softly " You live in the cottage at the bottom of the hill "

" Yes that's right " I replied smiling

" Do you know what is going to happen tonight? " I asked them

" We know, " They said sadly

I heard a voice behind me. As I turned, I saw a shadow, and then felt a hard shove. I felt light and free as though I was flying, but only for a second. I realized I was falling.

" Help me!! Please!! " I screamed

I saw a bright light as two figures came towards me. Then the pain stopped. I was no longer falling. I felt whole. The two angels were Genevieve and Damien. Their wings spread so wide behind them. Genevieve was holding her baby.

" What happened? Where am I? " I asked nervously

" He pushed you but your safe now, I promise " Said Genevieve with a smile

" Am I.. dead? " I asked

" Yes " They replied " but you saved us by breaking the routine of what happened. Thank you " They said together

" What now? " I asked

" We go on to what comes next " Damien replied

Fifteen years have passed since that fateful night and I wait for someone to help me, as I helped Genevieve and Damien. But no one comes to this place anymore, as people say it is cursed.

I walk alone along Angels Peak, knowing who it was that pushed me ...........