The movie “I, Robot,” set in the year 2035, effectively causes its audience to reconsider its answers to the questions: could precautions humans take to protect themselves from advanced technology be distorted and backfire; and also what defines humanity. The movie provides a plausible view of the future with robots, a reasonable portrayal of the potential flaws of having robots in the future, along with the possibility of robots having human personalities. The movie presents a robot, Sonny, with many traits that directly relate to a human personality.

Sonny is unlike other robots, because it is capable of making decisions for itself and has moral views. Other robots were coded with the “Three laws of Robotics. ” These laws are coded into every robot to ensure the safety of all humans. Sonny is an exception because he was created without these laws, and instead was given advanced programming which made him in many ways more human-like. Due to the personality that Sonny has developed and his individuality when compared to other robots with a similar make as his, Sonny, causes everyone to reconsider what truly defines humanity.

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Conflict arises as a revolution comes underway, led by one overly intelligent computer mainframe named “VIKI,” which, ironically, was created by the same scientist that made Sonny. VIKI manipulates the “three laws,” using a loop hole and decides that humans would be better off if robots were in control. . Slightly more simplistic robots are used in today’s technology. Some of these robots are used to explore the moon, and others to build other machines more efficiently; therefore, it isn’t unreasonable to say that robots will have greatly evolved twenty to thirty years in the future.

With the speed at which technology is progressing today, and the growing reality of the Singularity theory, the presentation of humanistic robots, along with the possibility of cybernetic humans, in the future is very possible. Singularity is defined as “the moment when technological change becomes so rapid and profound, it represents a rupture in the fabric of human history. ” Essentially it means the moment in the future where technology and humanity become inseparable, or as one. People become more reliant upon advancing technologies every day.

The movie shows this with human dependence on the obots that they use for everything from security to help around the home with cooking. These robots could be utilized in a number of manners. They could be sent to be fight wars, used to perform everyday household chores, and used to serve other various purposes. Slightly more simplistic robots are used in today’s technology; therefore, it isn’t unreasonable to say that robots will have greatly evolved twenty to thirty years in the future. Though the possibility of more advanced robots could be beneficial to society, there are potentially negative side effects that could also surface.

In the movie the idea was that the robots decided they knew better than humans; they used their logic to manipulate the first of the “Three Laws of Robotics,” which states, “a robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. ” The robots distorted this law and decided that humans were self-destructive and needed protection from themselves, and that they didn’t know how to effectively keep themselves safe. The robots then proceed toward a revolution and attempt to control the humans.

This is one of many potentially negative outcomes of having highly intelligent robots, while another could be that robots could potentially deem humans as obsolete and have us eradicated. Though the movie presents another part of the situation when it causes the viewers to think “could a revolution be avoided if robots are somehow coded with the ability to feel and understand human emotion and have a moral core. ” Primarily, the robots in the movies only real connection with humans is their body structure, because they are not created to act of their own accord and do not have human emotions, with the exception of Sonny.

The question of what defines humanity is presented as Sonny is treated more and more like a human as the movie progresses. At one point he is about to be decommissioned, or killed, because he was accused of being the murderer of his creator, he should human emotion as he showed concern for death and what it would be like. Can robots show human emotions such as concern and devotion? Many questions are raised due to Sonny’s reactions to his environment and his interaction with humans.

Sonny refuses to join the other robots in their attempt to dictate the lives of the humans even though he agrees with the logic of the computer “VIKI,” he refuses to aid in the hostile takeover due to his morals and speaks of going with his heart. This movie provides a strong, believable view into what the future could have in store, and keeps the audience’s attention by not being overly preposterous. Giving an entertaining and intellectual view of the future; this movie causes those who watch it to think about the future of technology, the positives and negatives, and the true definition of humanity.