1. Which of the HR models appears most appropriate for managing personnel in a health care organization? Why? The Counseling Model is the most appropriate model to employ in health care organization, under this model, HR is the advocate for the employees, provides resources to managers for people problems to help resolve disputes. This is important in health care organization, because the total cost of employees represents a large portion of the budget. Happy employee’s produces excellent service, and excellent service produce revenue for the health care organization.

2. Discuss at least three (3) reasons why a department manager should be familiar with the organization’s compensation scales even though the manager is not expected to make specific salary quotations or negotiate salaries with prospective employees. A department manager must be familiar with an organization’s compensation structure because it affects the pay of all departmental employees.

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This includes knowing about significant wage scales, what they mean where departmental employees are connected to the scales and the relative position of each employee. This information about the positions is needed to answer questions that are linked to others who perform similar tasks, have similar lengths of employment but who might be paid at different rate. A manager should have adequate knowledge of the compensation structure to recognize when inequities have implemented into the department pay rates.

3. Describe a health care organization or department that has a heterogeneous work group consisting of at least there (3) levels of staff that differ in their educational backgrounds and job duties. Workers in health care organizations have Heterogeneous groups; they have an extremely broad range of educational backgrounds and level of education. Within a single group of directly reporting employees, a manager may have employees who require regular supervision, example would be housekeeping. This type of work does not require a high level of education, but it does require supervision to ensure the job is being completed correctly.

In compare, a manager may supervise health care professional, who have been trained to act independently, make most of their own decision, and determine most of their own behavior, and example would be nurses or doctors. They have a higher level of education that is required to complete the job, but often require the most general direction. A human resource manager of the health care organization employees may require regular supervision, but also must have a higher level of education to complete the daily job duties. Basic or little to no education would not get the job done, but would not require the level of education that health care physician’s need to do their job.

4. Provide at least three (3) examples of activities that could thrive under production-centered management and discuss whether they are related to health care or not. Most production-centered managers tend to be focus on the task, manufacturing management is production-centered. The work is ordinarily highly repetitive, many units of output are similar, outputs are occasionally schedule with accuracy, and the job can be defined in detail. In production-centered situation, employees are sometimes assigned to workstations. There are production requirement to keep up with the pace of assembly line, and the employees have little control over how they complete their jobs. In assembly environment, the speed can be increase to determine the output of the product production, if a particular employee does not keep pace, another can take that employee workstation. In a production-centered situation, a manager priority is keep output moving, processes control the people. Production-center management could never work in healthcare, because healthcare is not cookie cut. People health can’t be treated like an assembly line; health has probability factors that cannot be controlled.

5. Provide at least three (3) examples of activities that proceed most appropriately under people-centered management and discuss whether they are related to healthcare or not. In people-centered environment, the willingness of the employees to work maintains output instead of the pace. In people-centered situations, the work is often irregular and varies. Not often are two units of output identical, for this reason scheduling output with accuracy is difficult. Job cannot be rigidly defined because demand on workers can be so highly unpredictable. In people-centered environments, employees control the processes. A manager’s primary focus is on people who are producers, rather than machines. Most situations found in a health care organization require people-centered management. In healthcare organization, people primarily control the processes. Therefore, people must be the primary focal point of a successful manager.

6. Describe in detail at least three (3) important uses of complete and up-to-date job descriptions’. Position descriptions or job descriptions are the documents upon which the day to day operations and activities of the employees in an organization are based. They should support the mission, goals, and objectives of the organization. All job descriptions in an organization should use the same format, well-written position descriptions include statements that clearly define duties and responsibilities, describe the compensation factors, level of responsibility, the number of persons supervised, the resources control, experience, and minimum level of education needed to successfully complete the job.