The purpose in Brian O’ Kennedy’s writing is to help a current or maybe possibly a possible student who is thinking of college. The truth is sometimes life just happens and gets in our way pushing our goals to the back burner. O’ Kennedy offers strong and logical reasons along with the ending answer that most people end up with as a student when these things happen and that is quitting. Communication is the best tool in resolution to these times of confirmation.

Without communication our wants, needs, fears, and feelings often go unresolved and out of frustration and lack of understanding we give up on ourselves. O’ Kennedy offers strong and practical advice and easily obtainable goals to pursue anyone who wants something in life not to just stop and give in to the demands of life getting in the way. After all, we don’t go through hurdles in life just by passing through them we come up with other methods and go right around them conquering them.

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I am going to have to have to say attitude, if we try even at the worst of times to allow some positive thinking it helps. If you think negatively all the time then negative things are always going to happen; or seem like they do and that’s because of our attitude. You could be the be the best student and not even know it because your attitude reflects different , you don’t like math so once enrolled in that class because your attitude is negative towards it you do not bother to try to apply yourself more than you normally would.

Attitude shapes and reflects both inside and on the outside. Yes, I agree with O’ Kennedy, because we are untimely the only ones who are in charge of ourselves, choices, decisions, and the ending result of the decisions we make. No matter if we are college students or working adults in society at one time or another throughout life we are going to encounter one of life gets in the way moments. It is very important in how we resolve the issues because it is our future.

What prior students and current students now may be experiencing now or will come to experience just as I may and sometimes do think about the impossible being obtained can be and will with my positive attitude and role modeling I help to set the example that no matter what stage in life, age, or maturity level you’re at anything even college can be done with great rewards in the end. After all, a degree pays for its self throughout the rest of life, and that moment in life passed too, but didn’t last a life time like a degree dose.