In the case study, “How to Change World”, Alan Wilson is stressed and confused by the tempting offers from different persons. First, his best friend, Karl, is trying to persuade him to join the LSM Investments, which at there he will be working for a hedge fund and is able to make a great sum of money out of it within a short period. Second, Shiori Masaki has offered him a job that is both challenging and meaningful by providing cheaper medical access for the people in Third World countries.

Third, the CEO of his current company has approved the acquisition of Schweitzer and this has also given him an opportunity to expand his career and experience a different life in Zurich. Beside these offers, he could also work on his mother’s charity, Help and Hope, which he could fulfill his mother’s expectation yet he could hardly make a fortune out of it. If I were Alan, I would choose to stay with his current company, Grepter. The main reason is that it would be such a waste if he gives it up in the half way since he has been putting so much effort in integrating Schweitzer.

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Furthermore, he could have a chance of “to make a difference” in his life – to step out of California and experience and explore a total new lifestyle and living and working environment in Zurich. As what his cousin says, “Just do what you love, and the impact will follow. ” By starting a new life in Zurich, Alan might have a chance to build his own family over there. At the same time, he could gain the global experiences by working overseas with the different people and this could help him in cultivating his operational and management skills.

In this case, his personal values are increased and he would be promoted and become an influential leader in the company. Thus, he could have the power to make a difference. For instance, he could join Shiori’s project for providing cheaper medications, maintaining his mother’s charity, giving more helps and services to the needed people, and so on. In conclusions, Alan should have evaluated himself for what he does really wants before he could make up his mind. Also, he should make a difference in his life before he could change the world. He should choose what he loves, and love what he choose.