This essay is a documentation of the observation performed on a child’s first week in Daycare school. The purpose of this essay is to find out how the child settles into the Daycare center. The discussion will focus on two observable behaviors of attachment and support. Dependence and attachment are two similar concepts such that their results and manifestations are similar. They are two causes that may easily be confused. However, they are different because they have different sources. While dependence is based on need, attachment is based on desire and belongingness.

They are difficult to measure due to their inherent abstractness, but this study will attempt to offer some explanations about them in relation to the sample’s observable behaviors and actions. Two hypotheses will be tested in this study. First, the existence of attachment does not depend on the situation, while dependence arises when there is a need. Second, attachment lasts for a very long time, while dependence may disappear when need disappears. These two hypotheses will be discussed in more detail at the latter part of the essay. Methodology The study is done using the event sampling observation method.

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The sample is composed of only one eighteen-month-old female child to be referred herein as M. M was pre-chosen before the start of the observation. She was chosen as a sample because she is on her first week of going to a Daycare center. Therefore, the observer will be able to observe her from her first day in the center and will be afforded a better perspective as regards her adjustment. The participation of the sample is voluntary. Consent was obtained from the mother. The mother was asked to read and sign a permission paper to signify this consent.

The permission paper set out the option to end the observation or withdraw their consent anytime. It also guarantees that their identity and the information will be obtained from the observation will be treated with confidentiality. The permission paper also assures the mother that the study has been approved by the Student Research Ethics Review Panel at Brescia University College. This is supported by the Certificate of Ethics of the researcher. The observation is done in the Daycare center where her mother takes M every morning.

The observer makes it a point to arrive in the nursery before M does to be able to observe the event from start to finish. The observation is performed for five consecutive days, each day lasting for twenty to thirty minutes. The observations are recorded in a table containing into three columns. These columns are antecedent or what happens to cause behaviour, behaviour or how Meriam reacts and consequence or what happens to reinforce behaviour. The analyses are made based on the observations recorded in this table. Results Several findings are made in this study. First, M has a strong attachment to her mother.

Second, the strength of her attachment to her mother may be counterbalanced by the strength of her attachment to her Daycare school. Third, attachment does not wane too easily. Instead, it exists for a long time, even if the subject of the attachment is not around. Fourth, M also has a strong dependence on her mother. Fifth, M has a dependence on her doll. Sixth, whether dependence will last for a long time depends on the need from which the dependence arose. Seventh, in relation to the sixth, dependence manifests in its strongest degree in times of unfamiliarity and need. Eight, when need disappears, dependence also disappears.