For the book you are reading, write a paragraph of five to six sentences summarizing what you have read so far. What are your predictions about the story? Use proper spelling and grammar. What I have read so far in my book is that after the explosion, three of the main characters got very ill do to radiation sickness. Father Kleinsorge is walking through the city to deposit money in Hiroshima when he suddenly becomes weak and barely makes it back to the mission.

Mrs. Nakamura’s hair begins to fall out, and she and her daughter become ill. At the same time, Mr. Tanimoto, weak and feverish, becomes bedridden do to the radiation sickness. So he doctors started to reopen their hospitals and so now the people are starting to get better from getting medical attention. And after the people who got better from the bomb it was hard for them to get jobs because nobody wanted a person to work for them that had radiation sickness because they were not sure if it could spread after they have had it.

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Also my predictions about the story is that the survives will find jobs and that the bomb victims that survived will have no affect in the future from this sickens. For the book you are reading, write a paragraph of five to six sentences identifying the author's message about the human rights issue. Provide examples from the book to support your point. Use proper spelling and grammar. The human rights issue that the author in this book is trying to identify in this book so far.

Is that how inhumane the bombing was, the loss of life, the aftermath and how sick people were. And how we Americans did not consider the innocent life that we have destroyed for no reason. And how it effected the peoples life's that survived and got the sickens. So it was hard for the bomb victims to get jobs because of the sickens they once had. Because they are unsure about them and if there old sickens could spread.