Child Hood: Henry Hudson was born on September 12,1575 in London, England his nationality was English. Their is really only little known about Henry's childhood like in his first job he was a sailor, and his first voyage was on a ship called Half Moon. Henry wanted to be a captain of a ship as a young boy.

Getting Ready: Henry Hudson's first want to go voyage was he wanted to find a shortcut from Europe to the Far East. He started working for a trading company that traveled and traded, himself, his son and 11 other crew members helped him. He got ready by doing sailing jobs with trading company's so thats how he got his experience.

The Journey: Henry Hudson's biggest traveling sail was the first european to set sail on hudson river and finding the northwest passage as well as New York. His ship was the Half Moon which was owned by the Dutch East India and sailed by Henry Hudson. Hudson sailed Northeast in april 1609. When blocked by ice, he didn't listen to the explicit orders and sailed the ship across the Atlantic to a search for the Northwest Passage. On this voyage he sailed up the Hudson River which he discovered and named after himself. The crew was drove by a group of volunteers of range from their age.

The Discovery: Henry Hudson, the English navigator, failed in his great quest to find an all water route to the East, but was rewarded for his efforts by having a number of prominent North American geographic features named in his honor. But his most important discovery was He discovered the Hudson river in 1609 and also reached the Hudson bay in which is now New York.

Interesting Facts: He was an English sea explorer and navigator, English merchants to explore a prospective to the Northwest Passage to india, Hudson explored the region around the modern New York City while looking for a western route to asia under a mission for the Dutch East India Company, he explored the hudson river, and laid the foundation for the dutch colonization of the region.