Happy hour at work is not only having a few casual drinks with co-workers after a long work week but it can also be an important part of moving up the executive career ladder in some corporate climates. In many instances, happy hour can be used as a means for some change within companies. There is much different anticipation for change based on the happy hour scenario. Social hour with co workers is a good way to relax, get to know people, and also have a fun time.

There is a limit as to what is too much though, this is where the need to change comes in, in the sense of negatives. On the positive aspect, another change may be the need to socialize to get acquainted. In guiding a change to benefit the company, it is important to figure our new and innovative ways to develop conversation and get to know co-workers. As the OD Manager, I think it is important to approach the management and employees to build relationships. Work relationships are important for building a career and finding satisfaction.

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To develop positive work relationships, a person must be willing to listen to co-workers, communicate openly, and respect themselves and their co-workers. This can be done in other ways besides a “happy hour”. Good relationships can be created by listening actively, allowing for open communication, being respectful of yourself and others, having willingness to compromise, and getting to know co-workers on a more personal level. It is important to create a positive organizational culture, which is why diagnosing the problem would be the first step, and could be done by monitoring and analyzing.

The first step is the manager’s perception that the organization is somehow in a state of disequilibrium or needs improvement. The state of disequilibrium may be a result from growth or decline or from competitive, technological, legal, or social changes in the external environment (Brown, D 2011). A couple of possible solutions to these issues of the happy hour scenario could be to cut out alcoholic beverages from company get togethers’ if this is an issue or socialization. A second solution could be to get to know co-workers and create a more positive and comfortable environment.

I would chose to create a more positive and comfortable work environment for employees by getting to know each of them on a more personal level. Doing this may not only prevent out of hand happy hours, but will also increase social adaptability between employees. When the new plan is put into place, the best way to monitor and stabilize it is to simply comply with it and make sure employees are as well. The outcome for this kind of change will vary but can be monitored on change and progression within the company and its employees.