This article is on Card hacker Albert Gonzalez gets 20 years but cyber rising. Albert Gonzalez was sentenced to 20 years for playing the role in the mastermind cyber crime complaints over the last year. Gonzalez was sentenced to jail in Boston for breaking in to computer systems for many retailers business which was in Massachusetts. Also he will face a different case for more hacking case. Which was in New Jersey grocery store, and a card processor was affected. These companies were hurt over 200 million.

I think Gonzalez used hacking as personal expenses. And to commit other offenses which I think he also had someone else clearly playing a role also in the crime. Gonzalez used credit card data and other software to get others personal information to commit horrible offenses. And runion so many life’s hat can not be replaced. And I also feel the other criminal that I think Gonzalez had help him.

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Should also get 20 years or so for hacking into others information. And committing such an offenses. I think the hacker is not such a bright person for wanting to hack. And he is very bad criminal. And needs to get jail time for wanting to hack in to others computers, and information. And along with this situation it will be very bad issues for who ever there hackers harm. Also which make companies lose money due to the hacking. And hacking get to bad some place can go out of business. Due to the loss of money and damaging so many others information.

I feel the punishment the criminal received was a fair punishment. I feel any one who wants to hack in others files or software should think twice about what there doing. And if still hacking they should receive punishment for the crime they have committed. And offered so help to take to someone about there problems. And some therapy class would help also.

I think the problem would of never happen if the hacker stayed out of others things. And peoples personal information. And I feel also that a hacker should think twice about the crime there committing. And know buy hacking the effect there going to have on someone or business.