The GHD hairstyle, GHD stands for Good Hair Day, stormed into the hair and beauty industry in January 2011(ghd straightener 2007). Martin Penny, Gary Douglas and Robert Powls, are all co-founders in the Jemella Group Limited and began trading under the “GHD” brand, which is known today as market leader in premium hair styling irons (pseps 2007) not only in its birth place of the United Kingdom but world wide.

The GHD hair styler was received reluctantly within the professional market of hair and beauty professionals, but once accepted stylists and clients delivered rave revues when it was realized that the GHD had filled a much-needed gap in the market of hair styling ads. GHD hair stylers have been available to consumers beyond the UK market since 2000 (squidoo 2012). GHD and has since rooted in 15 international countries.

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Much the same as in the UK, Australia, South Africa and then USA and Canada have developed a large group of loyal consumers through considerable use by professional stylist in salons, many celebrity endorsements and recently commercial advertising. (Squidoo 2012) The celebrity endorsements created a mass influx in sales and expansion of publicity (ghd straightener 2007). This rise in sales can be seen as a direct response to the Jemella Group Limited using influential celebrities to stimulate observational learning (modelling) with the consumer.

The approach worked because the celebrities who endorse GHD are seen as role models possessing attributes such as: physical attractiveness, there success and credibility, self confidence, and the consumer can relate the celebrities because the celebrities fit into the target market segments (Poulos, 2007, P. 46) To say GHD has been successful would be a major understatement. The Jemella Group knew what its target market needed almost before they did.

Consumers have many reasons for the favoring GHD over there competitors. Firstly GHD is recognized world wide as the ultimate hair straightening iron. So popular in fact term “GHD” is more and more often being used as a verb to describe all hairstraigteners regardless of the brand (abovetwentyeight, 2011). Used to easily achieve sleek stylish hairstyles in the comfort of the consumers home or in a professional salon in a time effective manner the GHD hair straightener has become a requirement for hair stylists in almost every salon around the world, and has become a necessity for women and some men to enable hair styling at home.

Consumers hold so much trust in there GHD it is often the last thing they question when the are having bad hair days. A recient blog from a loyal GHD fan outlines this perfectly. The writer of the post states “my recent hair misdemeanour of curls falling out just hours after being created with my GHD, I didn’t even think for a minute that maybe something was wrong with my GHD, so sold I am on the brand and product being pretty much perfect”(marketingspace. 2012)