A generation gap is a modern term for calling the difference between generations, between the opinions, attitudes and the behavior of the younger and the older generations. The progress of time and technologies makes the introduction of new ideas and new believes unavoidable. It leads to the misunderstanding between adults and teenagers. Sometimes, it may be an obstacle for parents to accept teenagers’ behaviour. Moreover, they find it inexplicable and intolerable.

It would be better for parents not to criticize and deny the actions of their children but try to understand and give advice. For instance, parents hardly ever put up with teenage eccentricity. Unfortunately, not all parents are able to understand that incomprehensible things teenagers do is just an expression of their tremendous enthusiasm for a separate existence. Besides, parents have to be flexible in order to adapt to the changeable lifestyle their children have.

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Another point which is worth discussing is the issue of privacy which is supposed to be crucial. Many teenagers tend to think that home is too narrow a place for them. That’s why they prefer to hang out with their peers. There is no doubt that those parents who welcome children with their friends under the home roof are worth praising. The feeling of comfort and protection that teenagers get at home is vital. Another problem I consider is confidence. Close relationships with parents and trust are important.

Is so happens that many parents don’t approve of their children having their own way and frequently become unreasonable dictators trying to impose their views on them. Teenagers in their turn don’t understand that their parents are more experienced and they want only the best for them. Personally, I get on well with my parents. They respect me as a personality and I look up to them greatly. By and large, we see eye to eye on most things. I find myself to be a little spoilt because I am an only child.

Yet I am doing my best to live up to their expectations. To be quite honest, I am really grateful to my parents for setting a good example to me. As far as I consider there are many differences in attitudes, behaviour and views between parents and teenagers. Nevertheless, we must be ready to make concessions to each other in order to get on well, bridge the gap and avoid conflicts. Apparently, parents are the most important people in our life and children are the greatest assets in their parents’ life. So we are happy to have each other.