An individual’s daily use of time can be associated to gender roles. The lay down of males or females profess behavioral norms that delineate how each gender manages and divides their time. The gender system situates arrangements by which a society demonstrates the activities of either masculine or feminine in fulfilling their everyday roles and needs as shown by the 2000 and 2005 Time Use Survey from the Office for the National Statistics

As can be seen in the data, there is a slightly smaller percentage difference reported on males and females time use for sleep, resting, personal care, to include eating and drinking. Notice that males exceeded females in the amount of time they spend for leisure by three-percent based on twenty-hours per day computation. Though men draw more time for leisure it is interesting to see that the use of time by men is roughly more than five-percent than women for employment and study. The data also reveals that females expend slightly over twice time for housework and childcare more than males.

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The time use of male and female as evidenced by the survey indicates that education and profession is more male specific and is less participated by females. Childcare and housekeeping on the other hand, are evidently daily functions of females. Though, gender roles are still prevalent, future implication of equal male and female activity is apparent due to the small gap of time use for employment and study. This is brought about by the continuous increase of equal professional opportunities for both genders.