It’s April 2, 2013 and I am on a countdown to be furloughed at my job! The economy in the United States is in dire need of help as we speak. Congress has asked for a furlough of government employees like myself and it is coming sooner then we know it. A furlough is a temporary unpaid leave of some employees due to special needs of a company, which may be due to economic conditions at the specific employer or in the economy as a whole. These involuntary furloughs may be short or long term, and many of those affected may seek other temporary employment during that time.

I am a Federal Canine Officer for the department of homeland security. This topic I am writing about affects me in so many ways. I was told last month during all the economic fiscal crisis talks that we would be furloughed affective April 20th 2013 until possibly August 2013. This event is affecting me because I am losing one day a week at work and I am being cut down from five, 8 hour shifts with possible overtime to four, 8 hours shifts with no chance of overtime.

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I never really understood much about furloughs or shall I say never really paid attention to it because it never had a direct effect on me, but now it’s that burden on my back I have to live with. Being an American citizen/ Government employee I understand we will make sacrifice’s for our country. I’ve been in the U. S Army for 11 years now and am now currently serving as an Army Reservist. I was told my Military income would be safe along with any VA benefits I receive. Now that news is great but my major source of income is my federal officer position.

It’s the bread and butter of my income and to have it cut down is a big knife to my wallet. Not only is it about money, but the job I provide for the department of homeland security requires repetitive training with me and my canine. All training as of right now is suspended due to budget cuts, supplies we took for granted cut back to last resort type use. This 2013 U. S Furlough is affecting my life and others so much. I have many friends in the Army that are now government employees and everyone I spoke two recently have told me they are being furloughed and they are looking for part time work.

I have a close relative that has been employed with the government for more than 15 years and is being affected by this furlough. He is now picking up labor work after his eight to five job to make ends meet, and also working on his weekends off to rake in the cash. As a fellow government employee we work very hard for our families and to provide them with better lives than most American’s. We are very reliable workers with amazing career jobs that we are thankful for.

We only ask is that our Government can fast track and find a way to pass a budget where we don’t have to look for other work to support our families. Air traffic controllers have been hit by this furlough in recent weeks and it has affected are airport dearly. We give 110% for our country every day we just want the same effort back. I have fought and protected this country my whole life through the military and as a federal agent I understand sacrifice and so does my family but we also understand reasoning. I know my opinion is only my opinion but how would you feel if this affected your life?

I know that teachers of California can relate to what I am speaking about because they have been fighting layoff’s cuts money shortages for the last few years. Is it right to cut our school systems? The people who teach our children the knowledge they need to succeed. Is it right for the government to furlough government employees with jobs so essential to our society today? My question to everyone is if we all pay taxes together, work hard together, do you think it’s right that government employees and teachers take the biggest hit for all the workers of America?